15 Best Period Piece Movies Of All Time

Best Period Piece Movies of All Time

Sometimes, one wishes to be entertained and educated at the same time. For times like this, period pieces are the go-to for any film buff. These films, based almost entirely, or loosely on different eras of history, serve to educate and enlighten viewers while also teaching valuable lessons from the ages. Without any further ado,… Read More »

15 Best Found Footage Movies Of All Time

Best Found Footage Movies of All Time

Found footage movies are great, gripping, and scary. Getting to experience the intensity of these stories first-hand can spark an unmatched thrill within people. So, if you’re looking for your fix of found-footage flicks, then we got just the list for you. Here are the best found footage movies of all time:   15. Paranormal… Read More »

15 Best Assassin Movies Of All Time

Best Assassin Movies of All Time

If you like violence in films with ruthless hitmen, mysterious ex-secret service agents, and a lot of intense action, here are some of the best assassin movies of all time that you can watch:   15. Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) A great watch for the fans of the gaming franchise. This movie is based on… Read More »

15 Best Movies Set In France

15 Best Movies Set in France

Do you want to take a trip to France without actually having to travel? Then, you need to watch movies that have been set in this magnificent country. Put on the subtitles and try to learn French while you watch these movies. You might even end up mastering the French accent and learning something new… Read More »

15 Great Movies Like Harry Potter

Great Movies Like Harry Potter

Since there are just not enough Harry Potter films to keep Potterheads busy, it makes sense for them to explore more fantasy films. However, it can be quite difficult to truly satisfy them when they have such strict standards when it comes to quality and intrigue. But, we wanted to suggest some movies that cater… Read More »

15 Best Animated Movies For Adults

Best Animated Movies for Adults

Animation is ancient. Before traditional motion pictures existed, there was animation. Animation is for everyone. People of all ages love to watch animated films, short films, and shows. Presently, animated films and shows are perceived as films & shows for kids. This presumption is so powerful that animators, animation producers, and directors are accustomed to… Read More »