15 Best Pixar Movies Of All Time

15 Best Pixar Movies of All Time

Everyone loves a good Pixar film. Known for their critical acclaim, Pixar flicks have received all types of awards and have set the tone for what an animated movie should look like. If you are looking for a movie to cheer you up, the following 15 best Pixar movies of all time are worth a… Read More »

15 Best Julianne Moore Movies Of All Time

15 Best Julianne Moore Movies of All Time

Julianne Moore is a seasoned artist who has appeared in numerous films over the last three decades, playing a variety of characters. Here are the 15 best Julianne Moore movies of all time:   15. Vanya on 42nd Street (1994) The plot of Vanya on 42nd Street is so straightforward that it almost seems radical…. Read More »

15 Best Travel Movies Of All Time

15 Best Travel Movies of All Time

Traveling keeps us mentally and physically fit. It’s a source of knowledge that gives us a broader view of life and sparks inspiration. Here are the 15 best travel movies of all time for your wanderlust soul.   15. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) If you’re an aspiring photographer with a passion for… Read More »

15 Best Ed Harris Movies Of All Time

15 Best Ed Harris Movies of All Time

Ed Harris is a four-time Oscar nominee who has delivered outstanding performances in a career spanning four decades. But, besides having a dead-blue-eyed stare and a chiseled jaw, this actor is known for show-stealing performances. We’ll talk about 15 of them today, so let’s take a look at the 15 best Ed Harris films of… Read More »

15 Greatest Movie Moms Of All Time

Greatest Movie Moms of All Time

Moms are one of the best relationships in a person’s life. So, to write characters that justify the essence of motherhood is not an easy task. We’ve compiled a list of the 15 greatest movie moms of all time that are worth watching. The movies are not only entertaining but also full of life lessons… Read More »

15 Movies To Watch With Your Dad

15 Movies to Watch With Your Dad

Try watching some wonderful father-themed movies together as a simple bonding exercise that wouldn’t require any expert-level planning. From The Pursuit of Happyness to Fatherhood, here are a few great movies to watch with your dad and have a good time with.   15. Father of the Year (2018) What begins as a lighthearted argument… Read More »