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Kamran is a Computer Engineer from Islamabad who loves writing about current events.
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23 Jul

Top 5 iPhone Games of 2011

Author | Kamran Shafqat

Almost all the iPhone owners have these 5 games installed in their iPhones and a large percentage of iPhone owners spend a lot of time playing these games like fanatics.

12 Jul

Apple: iOS 5 beta 3 Released To Developers

Author | Kamran Shafqat

Apple released the third beta version of its new iOS 5 to developers, a sign that the tech company is readying the new software for its public launch this year. Also included in the

9 Jul

Rihanna’s Concert Ends Early Due to Stage Fire

Author | Kamran Shafqat

Rihanna’s concert was brought to a swift end after a blaze broke out directly above the stage on Friday night, 8 July. It’s thought the cause of the fire was a row of lights, as footage posted online showed

30 Jun

A New Social Network from Google Targets Facebook‎

Author | Kamran Shafqat

Google Inc is making its decision to take on Facebook in the fast growing social networking market and to maintain its dominance on the Web. Google has tried several times, without much success, to take on Facebook and master social