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Gloria Philips is an online marketing manager and an expert content writer from UK.
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1 Mar

Top 5 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2013

Author | Gloria Philips

In 2013, the websites will be more user friendly thanks to a lot lesser web design mistakes. The tremendous changes in the past year has set new trends in communication and browsing technology. Since these changes have been implented, companies like Web Design Cardiff are now working even harder to make sure that your website… Read More »

11 Sep

How to Get Hold of Everything Around the World with Social Media

Author | Gloria Philips

Who wants to remain alone in this world when the technology has increased its depth to such an extent that you can remain connected to the entire world via social media services and enjoy the vast benefits? The social media services have revolutionized the world broadly and people have become prone to its use. Whether… Read More »