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Selling With Your Words: Writing Content That Leads To Sales

Selling with your Words: Writing Content that Leads to Sales

Through the magic of words, you can transform would-be clients into pleased customers. Writing content designed to elicit sales or produce actions out of consumers is an effective way to get these money-spenders to try your product or visit your destination. All content, however, is not created equal.   Specificity is Key You aren’t going… Read More »

6 Steps For Starting A New Online Business

6 Steps for Starting a New Online Business

Being an entrepreneur takes a special breed of people. It’s one thing to dream about having your own business; actually starting and running a successful operation is a different prospect altogether. In the ideation phase, one can be creative, expansive, and just dream big. However, when actually starting a new online business, creativity must be… Read More »

Top 5 DJ-ing Apps For Your Mobile Device

DJ-ing Apps for Your Mobile Device

Smartphones and iPads have turned the world of the DJ upside down. You no longer need to have an arsenal of records or CDs on file. Now you can organize thousands of songs into playlists without the need to fiddle with any physical copies. If you don’t have a smartphone, get one and optimize it… Read More »

Health Apps To Keep You On Track

Health Apps to Keep You on Track

Technology is the gift that keeps on giving. A generation ago, we never could have dreamed of owning devices like iPads, movement trackers, and heart monitors, all of which can be used to help us improve our health each day. A number of years back, we didn’t have choices like these. Additionally, with smartphones, we… Read More »

Careful What You Search For At Work

Careful What You Search For At Work!

The culture at most offices and workplaces has changed considerably over the years. Ten years ago, most computers with internet access had blocks installed to keep employees from visiting websites that weren’t relevant to their daily work. Today, though, these blocks have become a thing of the past, and the monitoring of employee internet activity… Read More »

Top 5 Predictions For The Microsoft Surface Tablet

Predictions for the Microsoft Surface Tablet

Apple has taken significant market share from Windows-based PCs in recent years and has dominated tablets since their invention, but that could change with the unveiling of Microsoft’s Surface tablet. Suddenly, Microsoft has gone from a complacent software company to a legitimate threat to Apple’s status as a portable, technological, and pop culture symbol. Of… Read More »