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Born in Multan and considered a deep thinker by many, Bilal has had the good luck of having experienced the best and the worst of what life has to offer. On the sure path of becoming a Dr. after getting admitted to NMC in the 2000s, the boredom of daily routine led him to the world of computers. Having dropped out of medical school to pursue the life of binary, Bilal is a serious movie buff, one who was stubborn enough to buy the Matrix Trilogy on Original DVDs. That investment really "paid off" as he can quote the series in it complete entirety.
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20 Oct

15 Best Jodie Foster Movies of All Time

Author | Bilal Nasir
best jodie foster movies of all time

A successful child star with an Oscar Nomination to her name at the age of 13, Jodie Foster has enjoyed equal success in her later career. Following are the 15 best Jodie Foster movies of all time:   15. The Hotel New Hampshire (1984) The Hotel New Hampshire is a comedy-drama based on a novel… Read More »

29 Sep

15 Best James Franco Movies of All Time

Author | Bilal Nasir
15 Best James Franco Movies of All Time

Born and brought up in Palo Alto, California in the midst of Silicon Valley, it was only appropriate that James Franco’s first prominent role was in the cult hit NBC TV show “Freaks and Geeks”. Since then, he has gone on to star in a number of critically as well as commercially acclaimed films as… Read More »