7 Best Free Proxy Websites to Access Blocked Websites

19 Aug 2013 by

best free proxy websites to access blocked websites

Blocked websites sometimes are really annoying. Especially if you need to access those blocked websites in your college or workplace. There are several ways to access blocked websites, but the easiest method is to use free proxy websites with a web browser.

The best thing about these websites is that they don’t require any particular web browser and you can surf the web at good speed. Another advantage is being anonymous while surfing the desired sites as proxy websites operate through passing user’s requests via their own servers, thus preventing user’s IP address to show (this allows users to even watch videos that are restricted in a particular region).

Most organizations including colleges, universities, banks etc, prohibit access to several popular websites these days – especially all major social media networking sites. This can get sometimes really annoying as internet is today a major source of both formal and informal communication. So, here is our list of the best free proxy websites to access blocked websites that will help you in defeating all common internet restrictions:


1. KPROXY.com

KPROXY enables millions of users worldwide to access blocked websites while protecting their privacy. Working since 2005, the website is the most reliable for secure and safe web proxy browsing experience.

The website also offers a KPROXY agent for free download. It also offers a paid package which allows internet surfing without ads and offers fast servers.


2. Free-Web-Proxy.de

Free Web Proxy is a free internet proxy site which enables you to surf the net completely anonymous. It changes the geo-location of the user and hides the actual IP address. The website’s support for JavaScript, flash games and video playback is really good.


3. HideMyAss.com

It is a free web proxy for you to surf the web anonymously with secure connection. The website also offers a PRO version of the software which offers extra benefits like enhanced security and decoding, total prevention of identity, super compatibility and user friendly interface.


4. AdFreeProxy.com

This is another great free proxy site that allows secure access to all the blocked websites with no annoying ads at all. It is perfect for surfing web pages but isn’t much good for using Facebook or YouTube due to its relatively poor JavaScript compatibility.

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    Lol funny thing is that most of the sites mentioned are actually blocked ithemselves here in the UAE