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24 Feb

Which First Person Shooter Title Is Right For You


If you’re a gamer and you love first person shooters, then you know the top contenders for your attention are Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. These two games have dominated the lime light of FPS titles, but which one is (more…)

19 Oct

Battlefield 3 Leaks onto Torrent Sites Ahead of its Official Launch

battlefield 3 leaked torrents

Battlefield 3 just before a week of its official launch, due to unknown reasons, has somehow found its way to various notorious torrent sites. So far only PC version has got leaked and no such console version is being offered by any torrent site. The free download which is being offered by torrents is about 9.96 GB in size and offers complete single player campaign. As multiplayer gameplay requires an original Origin account therefore the leaked version is unable to allow (more…)

12 Oct

All Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Maps Revealed

battlefield 3

According to the recent findings of a BF 3 dedicated blog Battlefieldo, certain files names data-mined inside the Battlefield 3 beta files clearly indicate all the mutliplayer maps that would be officially released on 25th October. Battlefield 3 Beta files contain nine such filenames and thus there would be a total of 9 multiplayer maps in the multi-player of Battlefield 3 (some of them have already been confirmed by (more…)

5 Oct

Battlefield 3 Beta Gets Hacked

battlefield 3 beta

It hasn’t been much time since Dice rolled out the public multiplayer beta of the most awaited FPS of the year – Battlefield 3, and hackers have already hacked it. An unknown group of hackers has modified the recently leaked server files of the game to allow players to (more…)

22 Sep

Battlefield 3 System Requirements Revealed


DICE has unveiled the minimum and recommended system requirements for its upcoming next installment of Battlefield franchise and not to much surprise, the required specs for running BF3 smoothly are quite (more…)

21 Sep

New Battlefield 3 Beta Release Date Announced

battlefield 3 beta

As we previously reported that BF3 beta was slated to be released sometime in October of this year, but now DICE has announced a new Battledfield 3 beta release date. According to DICE, the BF3 multiplayer open beta will be available to public on (more…)