YouTube’s Best Beauty Gurus

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

YouTube's Best Beauty Gurus

Our society has gotten to the point where being successful on a video website like YouTube can actually lead to a legitimate career. As long as you’ve got a camera and some charisma, it seems anyone can be a YouTube star. There are many types of successful YouTubers: some of them do sketch comedy, otherhhs give advice, and some people just talk to the camera about their day-to-day life. Amongst the highest-ranking YouTubers are the beauty experts. If your beauty routine is dire need of something new, check out the channels of these YouTube’s best beauty gurus:



AKA: Ingrid

What she does: MissGlamorazzi is a popular American YouTuber who, like any stock-standard beauty guru, offers a range of make-up tutorials and fashion tips.

She also shows a bit of a crafty side with her series “GIY” or, “Glam It Yourself”, which are crafty video instructions on how to “glam” up regular objects, or create your own fashionable items. MissGlamorazzi also associates with a lot of other YouTubers, including the next one on the list…



AKA: Fleur

What she does: An English Beauty Guru and friend to MissGlamorazzi, FleurDeForce offers a range of make-up tutorials, product reviews, and occasionally runs competitions for her viewers.

She has also expanded her reach to other channels, such as FleurDeVlog, where she uploads her vlogs, and BrideDeForce, where she chronicles her wedding plans and provides helpful tips for other bride-to-bes.



What she does: For lovers of nail polish and nail art, CutePolish has got you covered. She does nail tutorials that cater to everyone, from beginners to professionals.

Watch this channel and your nails will never be boring again! CutePolish has also been recruited by Disney to do Disney-themed nail tutorials over at their YouTube channel, DisneyStyle. So if you’re interested in Disney and love nail polish, the two have been combined at last.



AKA: Estee

What she does: EssieButton started life on the Internet as a blogger at, but has since expanded her love of beauty products to a visual medium – through beauty vlogging on YouTube.

She is a Canadian expat living in London, and provides a charmingly down-to-earth view on beauty products and make-up.



AKA: surprisingly, her name is Michelle Phan

What she does: possibly the most popular beauty guru on YouTube, this list would not be complete without mentioning Michelle Phan as she shines among the top beauty gurus on the web. Apart from posting YouTube videos, Michelle Phan is also a budding business woman, with her own jewelry line and beauty network for women, called For All Women Network (or FAWN).


The great thing about these famous YouTube beauty gurus (and really, all types of creators on YouTube in general) is that there is a community, and you can communicate with the people you’re watching on-screen through comments. Hopefully these channels have awakened your inner beauty guru and inspired you to pick up a make-up brush and get experimental.

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