Windows 8: Should You Upgrade or Not?

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 24th, 2019

Windows 8 Should You Upgrade or Not

Windows 8 is destined to change the way we interact with Windows operating systems. The operating system is based on the foundation of Windows 7, its predecessor. Windows 8 features enhanced security. This is an improvement on Windows 7 that has been taunted as the best Windows OS. Windows 8 is definitely smoother and more responsive than any other version of Windows. For instance, apps open very fast. If you intend to run multiple apps and have to flip through them, that shouldn’t take you long, as the transition from one app to another is immediate. This is a super-fast operating system that is made to work on a variety of machines, especially the new devices that are also touch-sensitive.


Social Media Integration

The system’s integration with multiple services including Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, and Google allows you to get into your favorite social media easily. This is truly a system made to accommodate the applications you use on a daily basis to streamline your digital life. The social technologies are part of the new Windows Operating System, allowing you to connect with the people who matter in your life.

Using these new apps like the People and Photos hubs with a touch-screen is very convenient. With the Photos hub, you can easily upload your photos to Facebook or any other application that allows this. The Photos hub are equipped with many features, and it is now much easier for you to save your photos locally from Facebook and other social networks.


Smooth Operation

Everything offered by the OS is big and bright. The operation is smooth, and the interface is very beautiful. However, if you intend to use a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, then you might not enjoy the use of the system. The experience with these devices diminishes. Ideally, this OS is meant to be used on devices fitted with touch-screen capabilities.

The experience for users without the touch-screen technology is generally not as good. However, it is still good enough for you to perform the tasks that you need to accomplish.


Time to Discover

Unfortunately, change often turns out to be a hassle. You will have to spend some time discovering how to do some of the things that you have been doing with the other versions of Windows OS’s. Luckily for you, you will be impressed by its speed, and you will probably forget about the inconvenience. Once you log into a Windows 8 machine, you are greeted by the Start screen.

Unlike the previous versions of Windows, you get a grid of tiles on the TaskBar. Tapping or clicking on a tile launches the selected application. If you have interacted with Windows Phone 7, then this should be intuitive.

Applications made for use with Windows 8 are always displayed in a full screen, as there are no buttons to minimize or maximize the windows. In addition, no scrollbars or drop-down menus are provided. A swipe with the finger from right to left provides you with the menu. With a swipe with a finger from the left of the screen, you get to see the running applications.

In addition, the touch navigation is simple and intuitive. The built-in touch keyboard is great, and the accompanying autocorrect and spell checker features make the edition of documents easy.


Concluding Remarks

Windows 8 is a great OS based on the success of Windows 7, and it has enhanced its security and reliability. If you own a PC that runs a Windows OS, an upgrade to Windows 8 is definitely a wise decision.