Why Guest Blogging is the Best Advertising for a Small Online Business

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON March 26th, 2014

why guest blogging is the best advertising for a small online business

You may have heard of people doing guest blogging and wonder why they do it. The truth is guest blogging is one of the best marketing techniques that you can do for your small online business. Not only do you get to get the word out about your online business, but you get to promote your products or services as well. This is done for free, it does not cost you anything, but the return is worth the initial effort you put in, making it the best advertising for small business. The contributor – i.e. the guest blogger – is allowed to insert the hyperlink for their business in the text or in the author box which gives boost to your SEO efforts too.


Over time, if you contribute to enough guest blogs, you would find your SEO score significantly increased. This is because you are posting high quality backlinks to your website. Google, in turn, picks up on these backlinks and it will increase your standings and rank within Google’s search results. It is best to pick a high traffic blog to do guest posts on as more people would see your blog and it would increase the amount of potential traffic to your website.

Make sure after contributing the article to a site, you share it on your social media profiles as well. If you do not do your part on promoting it, you are missing a bright opportunity to promote your business. The more you guest post, the more you will become recognized in your industry as an expert and thus, the more authority you will have in terms of search engine rankings. It would also spread the word that you are contributing articles which in turn would bring new guest posting opportunities for you.

There are three tips to follow that will increase your presence over time through regular authentic guest posting:


Make Sure you Target Your Niche and Audience

If you sell personal care products, advertising a guest post on a car blog is not going to suffice. You need to make sure that the blog you choose to guest post on reaches your audience and is centered around your niche.

This is also important w.r.t Google specially after Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, because they only offer high rankings to those that post within their niche. Post outside of it and your blog will be rated low quality.


Use the Appropriate Keywords

Again, important because you need to establish the terms that potential customers are searching for. By including these in your guest post, you are effectively incorporating SEO into your guest blog post.

However, do not spam, that is a major no-no. Incorporate the keywords strategically and so that they make sense and make sure your keyword density remains below 5%. Anything else is viewed upon as spam and keyword stuffing. It will hurt both your site and the blog that you are guest posting on.


Write Original Articles

Why? Well you will be listed as a copier and will gain very low rankings for using work that already exists on the net. In order to stand apart, you need to have high quality writing which must be original and has potential to drive traffic.

Simply posting someone else’s work is a great way to start on the road of destroying your online business and reputation. There are dozens of plagiarism checkers which would easily find the sources from which you copied any material. Some webmasters may ban you from submitting guest posts on their blogs and websites entirely. Therefore never copy even a single line and always write original.