Why Google Places Optimization Is The Next Big Thing

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

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Due to recent updates of search algorithms and the fierce struggle to reach the top ranks in Google, the costs of ranking well in most popular search engines are now huge and sometimes even irrelevant. Here are some solid reasons why Google Places optimization is the next big thing and why shouldn’t miss it:


Are you Investing in Wrong Kind of Marketing?

People want fast service from a local company. Smartphones and other mobile devices make it easy to search for products or services while on the go and in the majority of cases the closest shop is the winner. That is why smart companies invest in Google Places optimization.


Beat the Ranks With This New Method

You will almost immediately see the results of Google places optimization mostly because an optimized listing often shows before organic search engine results, so you will be visible right away to thousands of potential customers. Moreover, you will appear on iPhone and Android searches in Google Maps.

If someone is searching for the product and service that you are selling and you are in Google Places already you will appear as a pin on the map in their search. The good news is that only a few companies even know about this option though there are more than 80% of Internet users who use this kind of search. You will practically have no competition. You will be able to rapidly rank higher even if you have a new website.


Google Places Optimization Should be an Integral Part of Your Marketing

Besides offering more exposure to customers who are searching locally for products and services, Google Places allows you to boost your marketing campaign by implementing coupons for local promotions that will attract new customers.

You will get more business leads and customers will be able to find you 24/7. They will also be more likely to come straight to your office to place an order.


Cost Efficient

This is an extremely cost-efficient method to improve your visibility and exposure as the investment is minimal while the results can be outstanding especially at this point in time when very few companies are doing it. With minimum effort you will show in the first six or seven search results, an outcome which is very hard and expensive to reach on organic search results.

By investing in this kind of optimization you will be a trendsetter, not a follower and will be able to get a large share of the market quickly, which will help you establish yourself as a large player in your domain.

Statistics show that more than 80% of business clients live in a 5-mile radius from the office of the supplier of services and products they prefer. Google places take you to exactly these people, the kind that will most likely become your customers.

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