Who Is Leighton Meester Actually Dating?

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 7th, 2019

Who Is Leighton Meester Actually Dating

Leighton Meester, the ‘Gossip Girl’  fashionista who stole millions of hearts has been dating almost as much as every character in her famous show ‘Gossip Girl’. After dating her Gossip Girl co-star Sebastian Stan for almost 3 years, Leighton moved on to date Justin Long earlier this year but recent rumours suggest her moving over to Garett Hedlund her co-star in the show ‘Country Strong’.

Leighton was spotted with Justin Long holding hands at LA poubele in Hollywood where they dined together and stayed there till late night and kept a little distance from all their fans.

After a late-night show with Justin she was recently seen at the golden globe awards side by side of Garret Hedlund where a few people said they snuck around and probably kissed each other.

Stealer of a million hearts is expected to make a statement soon about who her actually ‘Man’ is while people are anxiously waiting to know who she is actually dating.

  • Sebestain Stan(27, 5’10)
  • Justin Long(33, 5’8) or
  • Garret Hedlund(26, 6’2)