What Features Can You Expect From The Rumored Android Jelly Bean?

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 23rd, 2023
What Features Can You Expect From the Rumored Android Jelly Bean

When I say the word jelly bean you could be forgiven for retreating into the past, back to those formative years, skipping down the road eagerly awaiting a mouthful of those delicious sugary snacks. Although today’s post does not concern that sort of Jelly Bean, the sort we are discussing will hopefully prove just as sweet. Android Jelly Bean is the rumored moniker of the newest addition to the Android family OS. The operative word here is rumor people. Google is yet to confirm this code name nor has it confirmed any of the features. So, what features can you expect from the rumored Android Jelly Bean?

Although Android Jelly Bean has been tipped for release in the third quarter some critics are complaining it may well be coming too soon. Of course, there are too Android fanboys waiting with bated breath however, some astute critics have bought up the fact that the ICS rollout has yet to occur on even half the devices capable of running it. This begs the question, as the Android OS becomes more and more commonplace, how long is the Android 5.0 rollout going to take?


Android Jelly Bean Rumoured Features

In the spirit of celebration rather than criticism here are a few of the speculated improvements from Ice Cream Sandwich. You can read more about that and other pressing android news over at AndroidPIT.

  1. As we have recently seen the release of Google Chrome for Android I would expect that to become the default browser for all those devices sold with Jelly Bean as the default.
  2. It would too be my hope that Jelly Bean optimizes quad-core chips to function with more fluency and less drain.
  3. This too relates to battery life. As power retention is becoming more and more of an issue for Android users, I would hope the updated OS address this as a serious concern.
  4. A cool thing that a lot of people have been suggesting is a version of Android Jelly Bean that is in some way streamlined for budget devices without the processing power of higher-end devices. As budget devices are becoming more and more popular in the developing world and elsewhere this may well be an avenue that has been discussed and indeed developed over at Google.

What do you suspect will be the biggest changes from ICS to Android Jelly Bean 5.0? Is there anything you feel ought to be done, that is absolutely pressing? Let us know in the comments below!

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