What Does It Take To Get A Job At Google? [Infographic]

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 2nd, 2023
What Does It Take to Get a Job at Google

In this year’s iteration of Fortune Magazine’s Annual List of 100 Best Companies to Work For, Google once again ranked first beating out competition like SAS. Let’s take a deep look into what it takes to get a job at Google.

The search engine giant, which currently employs 50 thousand people all over the world – almost half of which (around 20 thousand employees) are located at Google’s Mountain View campus in San Francisco – was also the list’s top performer last year just following a stock climb past $1,000 in 2013.

Google’s market dominance could have benefited greatly from the tech giant’s penchant to end at the top spot on everyone’s Most Desired Company to Work For. With billions of dollars worth in revenue every year and total assets somewhere around US$ 110 billion, Google should have no problems spending way above what is standard when it comes to employee benefits. 


The Benefits

While it is true that most tech companies in Silicon Valley have employee benefits and office facilities any company would die to have, budget notwithstanding, some companies like Google go the extra mile to add toppings to what already is an excellent package. Here are some of the perks of working at Google:

Yoga, complete gym facilities, running trails, and rock climbing centers for Googlers who worry their work stress levels are shooting through the roof levels. Healthcare facilities and programs such as fitness classes and subsidized massages are provided for free so that employees can concentrate on nothing except getting (or staying) healthy, aside from coding and stuff at least.

Still not enough? Google’s health care plan includes maintaining an on-site medical staff. If any employee feels ill or suffers an injury, he or she can arrange a medical checkup with a physician all expenses are paid. So the real question would be, will Google still cover medical costs for injuries and illnesses acquired away from work?

Apparently working at the Googleplex also involve a lot of coffee-stained shirts because the search engine giant saw the need for free laundry and dry cleaning services as part of the perks of working at Google.

Then there are other crazier benefits too, like free haircuts, free bike repair, free DVD rental, free oil changes, and a free shuttle all over the San Francisco Bay area.

So what is stopping everyone from walking out of their day jobs and donning a propeller beanie cap as a Googler? Getting a job at Google is harder than it sounds. So what does it take to get a job at Google? Check out Staff.com’s infographics below to get a quick overview.


The Competition

Applicants have to compete against 2 million other applicants Google gets every year. Of 130 applicants, only one gets the job at Google, compared to 1 in 14 high school students getting into Harvard every year.

The application process for Google takes weeks to complete. It takes an average of 37 days to complete a standard 5 interviews with Google.

What Does It Take to Get a Job at Google Infographic

Title Image Courtesy: AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

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