Weird Apps That You Can Test The IPhone 5 With

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 6th, 2023
iPhone 5

Sure there might be weird iPhone 5 covers and cases that you might find interesting and cheap to use. But it is also interesting to know that there are a number of strange and weird apps that still somehow manage to pass the standards of Apple to be placed in the app store. From the first iPhone to iPhone 4S, people have been using them either to have fun or to fulfill a hidden, often harmless, ulterior motive. The appearance of the iPhone 5, the realm of the strange and wild seems to be still straight and unchanging … is it? Maybe it isn’t going to be interesting for an iPhone endowed with the latest smartphone specs, but you might want to at least take a peek at some of the weird apps that you can use with it:



First on our list of weird apps for iPhone is an app that might just be able to properly get into the Map app of the iOS. The name of the app is not only literally creepy but its function can also be considered creepy. It is basically a stalking app, designed to deduce a tentative location based on the social media status updates posted by the one you are stalking.

The map app will be used as a locator, while the algorithm of the app itself would be used to deduce the location based on the information provided by the post. Is it fun to use? Maybe, but you might want to make your unit inconspicuous first by using a cool iPhone 5 cover.


Demotivational Pics+

Now, this is one weird app that you could really use the iPhone 5’s widescreen with. If you’re a citizen of the web, you’ve probably seen those black-screen-with-crazy-picture-and-captions about a zillion times already. Well, you might as well brace yourself to see a LOT of them, because that is precisely what this app is all about.

Get to browse some of the most clever and provocative captions pics that you would ever see on the internet. Careful though, there’s probably too much stuff in there for your very short coffee breaks!



Here’s another overrated popular weird app that is based on the creation and submission of creative(?) images and pictures from around the world and the web. Sorry guys, but even if this app and website are very popular worldwide, it still falls straight into the strange and wild category.

Got a bit frustrated because the images do not seem to fit properly into the iPhone 4 screen. Then enjoy your experience with the iPhone 5. You’ll get to see a bit more of those “fun” things in detail.

There you have it, the weird apps that use at least one or two of the iPhone 5’s latest features. Would that be too few for you? Perhaps it is, but you might want to remember that these weird apps are not really made to maximize or optimize iPhone specifications in the first place anyway.

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