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In the ever-growing world of today, people are getting more and more techier. With the grooming of the internet and technology, the world has become a global village. Whether its a businessman or a tech company or even an entrepreneur, everyone now owns or at least wants to create a free website and with life at a fast pace, no one wants to waste time creating things from scratch.

Everyone wants to make use of some off-the-shelf product on their own and this is only possible when things are simple and easy.

Web development was previously thought of as a complex and a difficult task but, it’s no longer true, thanks to various powerful CMS (Content Management Systems) out there.

The site under our review today,, provides a powerful content management system. The good thing about uCoz is that it not only focuses on providing a CMS but also provides a variety of other features like hosting service (etc) out of the box. Some of the features of uCoz’s CMS are listed below:


Features of uCoz

The first and really exciting feature about uCoz is that it gives you unlimited disk space, this is really useful if you are making a multimedia site or a blog.

Another nice feature of uCoz includes FTP access, which is really a good service as only a few hosting service providers offer it.  Without this service, it is really difficult to upload bulk content on a website or a blog in a short amount of time.

Other than providing site statistics, automatic sitemap creation and data backup the most impressive feature that uCoz provides is that it gives you full control over what you have to show the world, after signing up you are provided with a vast range of themes to choose from and there is a special full customization tool that allows you to alter the header images, colors, content blocks, CSS, and even the template code – making the life of a webmaster much easier.



With so many options of content management systems and hosting sites to choose from, uCoz, without doubt, has the potential to be ranked among the best ones. Do give it a try, and do not forget to share your experience with us.





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