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File searching and downloading are two annoying and time-consuming tasks however, with search engines these tasks have been made easier but nonetheless are still time-consuming. You often find your required file name on the search engine but when you trace the link, its either broken or deleted and if it is there it may still require you to fill out a form or other such annoying things. Thanks to (mainly a free file directory) the strenuous and time-consuming tasks of file searching and downloading have been made really easy.

There are some features that make this site stand out from the ordinary search engines. With the help of this search engine, you can search anything starting from a simple MP3, movie, video and software patch to complete tutorials and other stuff.

It can help you search all stuff that is hosted on a number of file sharing and hosting sites such as Rapidshare, Mediafire, Hotfile, Megaupload, etc. Moreover, the File Sharing Search Engine lets you store your personal files, movies, mp3 songs, games or anything which belongs to you with a size limit up to 4GB.

To entertain such a large fan following General-Catalog was surely not enough so they formed a network. Yes, you guessed it right General-Catalog is not the only site in this network. It is a part of the General World Network which already has a success story with its (really handy when used as a file search engine).

This was the story behind this network, now let’s have a look at its interesting features, shall we. The most highlighted feature is the site’s alerts providing feature. The only thing you need to do is to search for a particular keyword and that’s all, the site will automatically keep to up to date with the latest files depending upon your keyword.

You might be wondering why three sites and not one only? They might seem the same but, they all fulfill specific purposes. If you want to search on a specific name of the file then  can simply help you out as it returns the results related to the name of the file only. While on the other hand, the allows you to add descriptions and other textual information that is pertaining to the file.

This expands the scope for search. The basically provides you with a free directory service to download and thus it is more user-friendly and intuitive. It is the visual and interactive outlook which differentiates it from the other sites. 

In the busy life of today, such useful sites really help to save time. I hope this review will prove fruitful for you the next time you search or download anything from the internet.