A Revolution For Online Dating And Auction Sites

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 23rd, 2019 review is a trusted site allowing you to prove and share that your photos or scanned documents are trustworthy, not Photoshopped or just stolen from the Internet. Every day, we can read news about rapes and frauds where the beginning of the story is a fake profile on a dating site. So, it is critical to protect honest people searching for real love on online dating sites.

Recently, introduced an easy to use patented service that is capable to verify the trustworthiness of profile photos. Using this image tampering detection technology which is a result of 7+ years of R&D, every person can show that their photos are true, not digitally manipulated, not photoshopped or just downloaded from the Internet.

VerifEyed has already been honored due to its exceptional qualities by several scientific and industrial authorities (for example, recently by Mayor Bloomberg). also is widely used by eBay and users (to see if the photo showing the item for sell is really true).



How to Use VerifEyed

1. It’s so easy. Take photos. Don’t edit them.

2. Upload photos and you’ll get verification proofs. After upload, provides you safe photo editing and enhancement tools.

3. You’ll get a link to share or embed your photos and trustworthiness verification.