Understanding the Basics of Web Hosting

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON April 2nd, 2014

Understanding the Basics of Web Hosting

When the term web hosting is mentioned, there are a few different aspects that should be addressed when trying to get a full understanding of the situation. The concept, itself, of web hosting is not that difficult, the problem is that its misunderstood. If you don’t quite understand what it means then you need to pay special attention when reading reviews of the best web hosting. Be aware when researching about website hosting in your area. For example, searching best web hosting Canada should come up with some impartial reviews. When the term web hosting is mentioned, there are some aspects that should be addressed for understanding the basics of web hosting:


Web Hosting and Web Design Aren’t the Same

Web hosting is often misunderstood to mean the same as web design, in fact, often a person will interchange these terms to try and mean the same thing. The truth of the matter, is that these are two different concepts and have nothing to do with one another. Web hosting has to do with taking a designed web site and finding a server in which to host the site.

This is often looked at as being one of the more difficult things as there are so many different hosts to choose from. Moreover, there can be a great amount of confusion about the host that is right for you and your particular needs.


Uptime is the Most Important Thing

The big issue that has to be addressed, is that of the uptime that a site will generally experience. This is very crucial, a site that is not online a good portion of time will be useless in the way of bringing in income to the business that the website is designed for.

A host that has around 99% uptime is often one of the better options as this allows for a number of people to come and visit your website and make business transactions with you and your business.


Type of Web Hostings

Going a little farther, you will want to make sure that you are on a dedicated server. While this is a little more expensive than any of the other options, it is a better one in the way of making sure that you are not the victim of an outage that affects a lot of sites that are stored on a server.

Now that you have, a basic idea of what to look for with this, you are able to make a positive decision that will give you a great amount of potential for a long time to come.