How To Resume Download in IDM




Well resuming a direct download in IDM can be tricky and  normal ways may not prove to be fruitful rather they may even wipe out your chances of resuming it the right way . Here is a short tutorial of how to resume your download if  your computer gets restarted or you cancelled it accidentally .

  • You have to open your IDM application which contains a list of things you have downloaded.
  • Scroll to the bottom and you will find the most recent downloads .
  • Now right click on the download which had been cancelled and choose “REFRESH DOWNLOAD ADDRESS”  .
  • It will look something like this

  • Remember NOT to click on resume download . After choosing “REFRESH DOWNLOAD ADDRESS” , a dialog box will appear and choosing OK will open an Internet Explorer window taking you to the same address you  downloaded earlier  from . e.g  mediafire etc  . If you are using Firefox then you will have to copy the URL opened in Firefox to Internet Explorer in this step.
  • A small dialog box will also appear having ” IDM is waiting for the new address to resume the file…” , just place it aside and right click on the download  option and choose “Download with IDM”  just the way you did before or just click on the download link simply.
  •  Now  the dialog box will change into something like this


  • Click “ok” and again right click on download option to choose “Download with idm” , this time following dialog box appears

  • You have to choose  the third option and to resume the download and it will continue from the place it got canceled.

Feel free to comment if you have trouble following any step.