Turntable.fm Enters the World of Android

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 4th, 2019

Turntable.fm enters the world of Android

Android music fans today must be high on luck as the popular iOS music app, Turntable.fm has now landed on the Android platform. For those who are unfamiliar with this application, it is an extremely popular music app (previously available only on iOS) that makes each participating user a DJ (a maximum number of five people can act as a DJ inside a single room). All users inside a room listening to a song played by a DJ and a DJ can select a song to be played during his or her turn.

The listeners (as well as the participating DJs) have the ability to vote about whether they liked the played track or not. The app allows every DJ to play their song of choice at least once. The votes are responsible for earning the users some points which can then be utilized to improve their avatar etc. The votes are like a double edge sword, if the votes are negative then they can lead to the dismissal of a DJ’s preferred song and the turn will be awarded to the other remaining users.

The app also offers its users the ability to chat inside various virtual “rooms”. There are a total of three filters by which rooms can be sorted namely; Popular, Needs DJs and Favourites.

The chat feature of the Android version of Turntable.fm has been recently reported to crash occasionally. However, according to the developers, it is a minor bug and is encountered only when there is too much traffic over the network (a lot of people simultaneously trying to enter a room for chatting, etc). As per the developers, the bug has been identified and would be fixed in a near-future update.

If you are a music fan and a proud Android smartphone user, then you should definitely give it a shot!