Top 8 Ways To Start A Conversation With That Cute Guy

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 17th, 2023
Top 8 Ways to Start a Conversation with that Cute Guy

So, you’ve seen this cute guy in one of your classes or on campus. He’s really cute, but you are just super afraid to talk to him. He always smiles at you, but you’ve never mustered up the courage to actually talk to him. If you are in this situation, you’ve got to talk to him! If you want to start a conversation with him, here are some tips to help you!


1. Smile and catch his eye

The next time that you see the guy that you like, make sure that you catch his eyes and smile. Don’t be creepy about it though. If he doesn’t look your way, try another day!


2. Borrow a pen

If you are in the same class as him, ask to borrow a pen. If he likes you, he will want to keep talking to you.


3. Ask him about the time

If you are running late, or if you just want to talk to him, ask him the time. Smile and flirt with him when you are asking about the time.


4. Ask him about the weather

This is a perfect opportunity to ask him what he thinks about the weather. This is a great way to get him talking to you. Everyone loves talking about the weather especially given the weird weather patterns being noticed across the world due to climate change.


5. If he has a pet, compliment it

Guys love to be complimented, don’t be afraid to compliment his pets. It’s ok, to fawn over his pet.


6. Make sure that you comment on his attire

If you like his sense of style, then definitely compliment his outfit choice. He will like that you noticed.


7. Ask him about his favorite music

If he always has a pair of headphones in his ears, then ask him what he’s listening to. Make sure that you don’t ask when he’s really rocking out, you don’t want to be annoying.


8. Ask about a mutual friend

If you find that you have a mutual friend, don’t be afraid to ask questions that you might already know the answer to. You might create a spark of curiosity.


These are some great ways to start a conversation with the guy that you are crushing on. If he doesn’t pay any attention to you, you might want to move on. You are a great girl that doesn’t deserve to be ignored. Keep looking for the right guy, like the old saying, there is plenty of fish in the sea.

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