Top 8 Cutting Edge High Tech Wrist Watches

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 25th, 2023
Cutting Edge High Tech Wrist Watches

In the past, having a fetish or an indulgence was something that only the affluent could cope with. But that is the past now as even middle-class people can have a small fetish and manage to keep it alive. This would not have been possible if the coupon strategy had not been introduced. Luxury products such as diamonds and watches would have been just a dream for many of the diamonds USA code and the WeWood code was not available. There are many other luxury items that have discount codes for them, thus making it possible for the general public to buy them. Here is a list of some cutting edge high tech wrist watches that we wish there were discount coupons for:


8. Phosphor E-INK Curved Leather And Band Watch

Phosphor E-INK Curved Leather and Band Watch

With looks that will leave you dazzled this watch has an electronic paper display and has different modes to suit your mood and attire. The various modes include numeric digital display, graphic hour clock, etc.

The design of the watch is sure to grab eyeballs.


7. HD3 Slyde

HD3 Slyde

This one reminds us of one of those high-tech gadgets that we see in sci-fi movies that take the protagonist into the future. It has an LED screen that is encased in sapphire crystal.

It has no button protruding out and the display of the watch is a touch screen one.


6. Quicksilver The Ray Eco-Watch

Quicksilver The Ray Eco-Watch

The USP of the watch: It is the most eco-friendly watch been made to date, though I wish that they had worked a little more on the design, the working of the watch is exceptionally good.

Almost all the parts that this watch is made up of are recyclable.


5. Ziiiro Watch

Ziiiro Watch

This one has a sporty meets technology, kind of look. Something that we really like about the watch is the absence of the hands that normally tell the time. Instead, there are two circles one of which tells the hour and the other one tells the minutes.

What’s even better is that you get the watch in a variety of colors.


4. Sony Ericsson Live View

Sony Ericsson Live View

This one lets you check the notifications of your cell on the watch without taking out your phone. It gets paired with your phone with Bluetooth. It has a look that is very different from normal watches and it can be hooked to your belt or pocket.

The watch has an MP3 player as well.


3. MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch

MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch

This is another very futuristic-looking watch. It is an aviation-based model and has an HM$ engine and dual dials. One dial displays the time while the other displays the charge that is remaining in the battery of the watch.


2. Romain Jerome Steampunk Watch

Romain Jerome Steampunk Watch

This one has an appearance that will surprise you as you can see the screws of the watch are deep-seated in the dial of the watch. It has a rugged yet classic dial and it is designed around the Titanic DNA theme.


1. Olivier Demangel Solaris Watch

Olivier Demangel Solaris Watch

The watch looks like it has been designed by aliens and is a secret weapon of heart destruction. Very edgy and eco-friendly at the same time as the watch is powered by solar cells.


Concluding Remarks

You have witnessed the list of the most coveted cutting-edge high-tech wristwatches that are available in the market. Their price is only disclosed when you order one. We wonder who would know the price of all of them.

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