7 IPhone Apps To Help You Stay Productive

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 5th, 2023
7 iPhone Apps to Help You Stay Productive

If you are in college, you probably want to stay as productive as you can. There are many things that you can do to get apps to be more productive. It can be hard to stay productive in college. There are so many things that you need to juggle. College students need to worry about social aspects, educational aspects, and finances. If you want to get some great productivity apps, you might want to take a look at these iPhone apps to help you stay productive:


1. Evernote

This is a great app for people that might forget lots of little things. This may be for just about everyone. Students are able to keep track of their class notes, professors are able to use it to put their lesson plans in it, travelers can use it to plan their trips, shoppers can use it to make different shopping lists, and bloggers can write stories on this app.


2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a great way to share the files that you have. This will help you when you have to share your files for different projects. It is a great tool to help you easily share files, and get files.


3. Sparrow

This is a great Mac email application. This is a great alternative to Apple’s mail and Gmail’s web app. It helps you customize your email possibilities.

It really does help you get your mail organized and helps you move on with your life.


4. TeuxDeux

This is a very simple app. It helps you if you like to keep to-do lists. It is very clean and really helps you get motivated to keep your priority list doable.


5. Instapaper

This is an app that lets you save the contents on a page so you can read them later. This helps you if you are busy and you see something that you want to read, save it for later.


6. Pulse

This is an app that puts all of your favorite websites together and puts them in a really cool mosaic. You can save the stories and you can read them later.

It also syncs with different apps like Evernote and Read It Later.


7. Alfred

This is a butler for your device. It is comparable to Siri but in a text format. It lets you launch your different apps, search the web, and play different iTunes songs.

These were the best productivity apps for iPhone that can do the job for you when it comes to efficiency!

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