Top 6 WordPress Frameworks to Build Your Site With

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 17th, 2019

top 6 WordPress frameworks

WordPress frameworks, or WordPress theme frameworks to be more accurate, are a relatively young invention in the WordPress world. The whole point behind theme frameworks is to make developing a new WordPress site as easy as possible.

There are basically three ways of building a new site on WordPress:

  1. Using a pre-made theme, which you either have to buy or get for free.
  2. Building a custom theme from the ground up.
  3. Building a custom theme on top of a theme framework.

The last approach seems like the most difficult but it isn’t. In fact, using a framework is a lot simpler and quicker than building a theme from scratch.

Think about it, when building a theme you have to take care of many different things, like using standard WordPress code that goes into every theme, taking care of the proper file structure, implementing some standard theme functionalities, and so on.

A theme framework can help you with all that, as it has most of the standard features and characteristics already built-in.

And most importantly of all, the biggest benefit of using a theme framework is that it usually gets updated regularly. This means that whenever there’s a new feature in WordPress or a security update, the theme you’re using will most likely implement it too.

That way you don’t have to worry about updating the theme yourself, at least when we’re talking about some standard operations.

The only downside to theme frameworks is that sometimes they do have a learning curve, which means that you will have to spend a while going through the documentation to learn all the ins and outs of your framework. But this work will pay off very quickly, especially if you’re planning to launch more than one site.

Now, there are two kinds of theme frameworks: free ones, and premium frameworks.

Premium frameworks usually offer more features and provide quality customer support. They are also updated more frequently. So this is always a game of how much money you want to spend vs. how quality you want your framework to be.

Let’s go through the top 6 WordPress frameworks that allow super easy and fast development:


Free Frameworks



Features include:

  • 13 widget-ready areas.
  • Styling for popular plugins.
  • Built in search engine optimization.
  • Child themes support.
  • Compatible with popular SEO plugins.
  • Different layout options available.
  • Multi-author blogs support.



Features include:

  • Built in search engine optimization.
  • Several custom page templates provided.
  • Multiple widget areas available.
  • Custom menu support.
  • Post stylesheets.
  • A number of pre-made child themes available.



Features include:

  • 960 grid system.
  • Custom administrator interface.
  • iPhone and iPod touch custom theme support.
  • Custom configuration presets.
  • 36 possible layout combinations.
  • Many built-in features such as font-resizer, to-top smooth slider, IE6 warning message, and more.



Features include:

  • Multi-lingual compatible.
  • Instant mobile website support.
  • Lightweight and well-noted code.
  • Built in search engine optimization.
  • Custom menu support.
  • Support for the newest features in WordPress.


Premium Frameworks



Features include:

  • One click auto install.
  • Built in search engine optimization.
  • Compatibility with all popular web browsers.
  • Customizable layout.
  • Custom sidebars you can manage.
  • Easy to change logos and favicons.
  • Easy Google Analytics integration.
  • Shortcodes (easily include tables, buttons, charts, maps, videos, slideshows, and more).
  • Custom menu support.
  • Dynamic image resizer.
  • Customizable dynamic sliders.
  • Fully customizable homepage.
  • Custom administrator interface.
  • Child theme support.



Features include:

  • Built in search engine optimization.
  • Design flexibility (multiple layout combinations available).
  • Fast loading times.
  • Custom made administrator interface.


As you can see, there’s quite a lot of stuff available. When it comes to free frameworks you’re best off if you download all of them and check which one works for you best. For premium themes, you obviously won’t buy both of them, so instead we advise you to take a look at what they have to offer on their official websites and make your decision then.