Top 6 IPad Apps For Casual Gamers

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 26th, 2023
iPad Apps For Casual Gamers

Love playing games on your iPad? Of course, you are. From what we read and hear, there are many such gamers, so here are our top 10 iPad apps for all the casual gamers out there who like to wile away a bit of time and leave work behind for an hour or so.


6. Angry Birds, Seasons

Everyone has heard about these angry little birds. This holiday version makes pursuing pigs even more enjoyable. Featuring a brand-new bird which adds more fun and color to the experience.

This is a really simple, popular game, just aim, fire, and fling those birds as far as you can, make sure you hit the little piggies though! Simplicity and great branding have made this one of the most popular mobile apps of all time.


5. Reckless Racing HD

An easy to play and enjoyable racing game with some pretty cool-looking graphics to boot. Several different control options make this an easy-to-play app that can provide you with hours of fun without breaking the bank.

Hit the gas and win the championship with this fun and fast-paced game.


4. Asphalt 9 Legends

A really enjoyable, complete racing car game. This game features a lot of tracks, cars (Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Audis, and many other manufacturers), and also a few modes like drift, normal race, time trial, and more.

A good game, with nifty graphics that will keep you playing for some time.


3. Robo Surf

Apocalypse has struck the earth. Only a few animals and one robot survived. What would you do? Why surf of course.

Yes, you heard me correctly, surf to save your life by avoiding objects and using your expert water gymnastic skills. Addictive!


2. Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade is an all-new action RPG sword-fighting game. RPGs are usually associated with more hardcore gamers as they take quite a bit of dedication, but this one is also pretty great for the casual dippers out there.

Basically, you will be faced with numerous battles in which you have to slash your enemy by swiping your finger across the screen. Charming really isn’t it? Good fun though!


1. Fruit Ninja HD

Definitely one of the top games for the iPad at the moment, as with Angry Birds, the simplicity is what makes it special. The objective of this game is to slash flying fruit as fast as you can.

Watermelons, grapes, and all sorts will be thrown at you while with the tip of your index finger, you will transform into the ultimate Fruit ninja. Just remember; wax on, wax off. Stealth is the way of the ninja, and look out for those bombs!

Keep your eye out for these gems, some are new, and some are just good old-fashioned fun on a new platform.


  1. Brian Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing the list Matt. There are some of my favorite games you’ve included there, Asphalt 6 and Infinity Blade. Too bad Infinity Blade is only available on iOS devices. Asphalt 6, personally, is a really awesome and fun arcade racing game on mobile devices. But for the graphics, Gameloft is still slightly behind EA Mobile for their experience. But Asphalt 8 totally brings this series to the far new level, especially in term of graphics and gameplay. I really like how Gameloft is focusing their efforts in making the asphalt road in this game look even shinier than other games.

  2. Creative Heroes says:

    Hello! May we suggest Gluddle, a casual and absurd app for iPad and iPhone. Oi!

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