Top 6 Best Tablet Apps For Business

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 6th, 2023
Top 6 Best Tablet Apps for Business

It is becoming easier and easier to conduct business on the go. The increasing number of tablet apps means that it is possible to do almost anything and everything from a tablet pc, giving business people all over the globe the opportunity to not only work from home, but from trains, airports, and cafes, or really anywhere that the fancy takes them!  Here are the six best tablet apps for businesses to help you run your business while being away from laptops and desktops.


1. Easy Access to Networks

HighRise allows you access to details on the people in your business network at your fingertips. If you want to send an email to or be able to contact, anyone you know or work with all their data is there for you to use even when you are out and about.

It is available on both, iPad and Android tablets.


2. Payment by Credit Card

Square allows you to take credit cards anywhere you are. Say you have a mobile store that you take to festivals and other events it means it is possible for customers to pay with their credit cards using your mobile device.

There is no longer any need to bother with the old-fashioned card swiper that was traditionally used when offline. With this app, customers write their signatures with their fingertips, and funds are transferred directly, so no worry about bad credit either. Both the iOS and Android versions of the app exist.


3. Get Relevant Business Articles

Zite is an app for tablets that creates a magazine that is personalized to your needs. It can pull together all current magazine articles that are relevant to your business interests for you.

Rather than trawling through different websites for articles of interest, this app does the hard work for you and so allows you to stay ahead with news and current thinking in your area.


4. Organize Appointments and Ideas

Evernote and Wunderlust are two apps that help you organize your work on both iPads and Android tablets. Store appointments, ideas, documents, images, and anything else you need to remember to keep you organized in your business.

The keyword search allows you to find anything relevant to the project you are working on while on the move.


5. Keep a Mobile Sales Team Connected

Salesforce is a tablet app that enables you to keep track of where your sales representatives are working and what they are working on.

It will also allow you to help them out if necessary. It means that you can make sure they have all the information they need for contacts and leads, and the latest on opportunities and deals.


6. Send Out Documents and Store Contracts

The RightSignature business app allows us to customize a legal document from a mobile device and then send it out to a client.

It also comes with secure storage for executed contracts that are private but still accessible from anywhere on any device. Certainly, a must-have for any legal professional.

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