Top 5 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2013

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 20th, 2019

Biggest Mistakes in Web Design

In 2013, the websites will be more user-friendly thanks to a lot of lesser web design mistakes. The tremendous changes in the past year have set new trends in communication and browsing technology. Here are a few web design mistakes to avoid in 2013 for optimal results:


1. No Mobile Support

The year 2012 brought a grand shift from the Tablet PC to smartphone browsing. The availability of the internet and choosing a web host at cheap rates and higher speed further accelerated the use of mobile phones for internet and browsing purposes.

The year 2013 has started with this strongly established trend. However, most of the website designers do not take care during website creation that whether it supports mobile browsing or not. Though, professional designers consider this as a digital sin now (rather than simply a web design mistake).


2. No Search Option

People compromised when the privilege of searching on the website was not developed. However, since the creation of this accessory, it is now necessary for all the profit-oriented websites to add a ‘search’ tab on their websites. People now don’t bother to go back to the search engine and seek something they desire on your website from the search engine all over again. Giving no search option to visitors is one of the major common web design mistakes and should be avoided at all costs.

A search tab in the web design not only provides ease to the website users but also ties them with the website for a longer time. People who have achieved their target on your website might keep on spending time for ‘extra’ information through this search tab.


3. Color Bombardment

Every year comes with its own ‘high’ color, which dominates all other colors. We saw that the top websites and social networking sites were created with a single or two colors only. However, most of the designers still believe that creating a rainbow on their website, bombarding the colors and making the website design a color palette would increase their user support.

The fact is that people are now more oriented towards content than just ‘attraction’. Colors create attraction only, but content satisfies the intellectual understanding of the internet surfers. Web development in 2013 will support black and white colors, along with the shades of green color also.


4. Excessive Social Media Sharing

Although sharing on social media is a special feature now which promotes your website on social networking sites and increases your approach and visibility to the target audience. However, the social networking sites are now in such a great number that if you put every icon on your webpage, then you will have to manage your space again from new dimensions.

It is intelligent to use social media sharing options on the web page, however, it is more intelligent to use dominating social media icons only to keep the web design sleek.


5. PDF Reading

An online surfer or internet user doesn’t trust every website for downloading content. People prefer online reading more than downloading the content. Therefore, try to use as few PDF files on your website as possible.

You can protect your intellectual content and property from every user by converting it into PDF files so that, only those people download it who are very much interested in your content. However, giving your general content in PDF format is one of the most major web design mistakes many web developers make, avoid it!