Top 5 Ways to Declutter Your Home

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 16th, 2019

Ways to Declutter Your Home

For some, a cluttered home is an unhappy one. It’s hard to walk into your house every day and keep ignoring the massive mess, the untidy shelves, that minefield of a living room floor. How much longer can you stand the mess? Of course, your partner never wants anything to do with it, and the kids, well, they’re kids, and kids clutter – it’s what they do. Maybe its time to call in a storage space estimator to get an idea for how big the job is. You might store some of the beloved items that you can no longer store due to space restraints. What you have to figure out is how you’re going to implement a system of decluttering that will stand the test of time. Here we look at 5 clever ways to declutter your home quickly:


5. Initiate the Great Purge

If it’s got to go, it’s got to go. Charge into your living room with a few bin bags and start sorting through every single item that comes across your path. Bag all the DVDs that your partner and kids only watched once, and send them off to the charity shop, or, if you don’t have time, Google ‘selling DVDs’ if you want to make some cash out of it.

By the end of the purge, you should have several bags full of unused toys, films, clothes and so on. Dispose of them appropriately – send the clothes to charity, sell what you can and you’ll find that you’ll be able to breathe and move around a lot more freely in your home.


4. Investigate New Storage Solutions

The reason why there are toys strewn all over the house is not just because your kids are messy, necessarily, but probably because you haven’t had time to think about where to store all the accumulating junk in your house.

Buy some plastic storage containers, fill them with the toys, and slide the boxes underneath your kids’ beds. It’ll instantly allow for more room around the house.


3. Bring Order to the Chaos of Your Kitchen

The kitchen shouldn’t be a place that you dread walking into. Quite often, the reason a kitchen is so messy is that all the ingredients in your pantry or cupboards haven’t been organized properly.

Organize your pantry or cupboards and their contents according to a menu structured around what you already have, and you will save a lot of money and do away with the need to buy new ingredients for random recipes you might want to try.


2. Bring Peace to Your Bathroom

If you’re tired of your partner’s rage at not being able to find his or her products of a morning, you’ll have to finally sort out the bathroom. By buying a bathroom hanger, you can organize each family member’s items into their very own section, so there won’t be so much clutter.


1. Garage Sale

A great incentive to cleaning up and decluttering is making money out of it. If you sell things for cash, you’ll find out just exactly how much useless junk that you’ve been unconsciously hoarding in your house for so long.

A garage sale is a sure-fire way of getting rid of a lot of your junk in one shot, as well as making some money on the side too.