Top 5 Ways To Beat Google Panda Update

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 17th, 2023
Top 5 Ways to Beat Google Panda Update

The Panda update has been giving bloggers and other site owners, nightmares of sorts as the rankings of their blogs and sites have suffered a lot due to the updates. The Google algorithm is basically to distinguish original material from one that has been copied and thus the ones who have used the “Shortcuts” are the ones who have had to bear the brunt of the update. Anyways, there is just one thing that I have to say and that is, that if your content is original and unique then you can beat pandas in one run. Here are some effective ways to beat the Google Panda update:


5. Rid Yourself of the Old Posts

This may sound strange, but when you look at it in greater detail, you will realize that it makes sense, as it is due to the old content that the ranking went low. The old content, thus, needs to be deleted and that shouldn’t bother you much as the old posts do not get much traffic, in any case.

Once you have deleted these posts, you will realize that your traffic has plummeted, but the new original posts will do the job for you and you will see a gradual increase in the traffic.


4. Check Your Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate will tell you why Google gave you a lower rank after the Panda update. Bounce rate refers to the time that a person spends on your site, which means if they found what they wanted on your site, they would not go back searching for the same thing and thus you need to make sure about the content of the blog and its relevance to the keywords.


3. Only Creativity and Time Will Help You

The Panda update is ruthless and it leaves bloggers miserable. But you need to have patience and scour your brain to find an idea that sets you apart from the other bloggers.

Your material is the only thing that will help you survive the update and thus you need to find ways and means to make it more interesting and flashy at the same time. With time, you will recover from the Google Panda update.


2. Rethink Your Shortcut Strategy

The Panda update affects those who want everything quickly. People believe that adding links to their blogs will get them in the good books of SEO and thus they keep adding links. This is one of the biggest reasons for their doom as the links that they insert are not relevant to the blog and this is something that Panda is very touchy about.

So the links that you add need to be relevant to the blog and only add them wherever necessary and not just for the sake of SEO.


1. Imitation is suicide

If you ask your blogger friends who seemed to have recovered from the Panda update they are sure to give you a truckload of advice about how to beat the Panda. What might have worked for them, will not necessarily work for you and you need to keep that in mind.

Don’t blindly follow anything that you hear, but keep your eyes and ears open all the time. If you are able to mold the advice and then incorporate it into your blog, then you are sure to see good results.

There are a zillion other things that you will come across, but you need to bear in mind the one thing that I started my article with, and that is, to write original and beat Google in every update.

Also, think of what you are going to blog well in advance and try to find what others haven’t. This will surely pull in the traffic.

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