Top 5 Tips To Protect Yourself While Shopping Online

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 9th, 2019

Tips To Protect Yourself While Shopping Online

Have you ever felt a bit insecure while doing online payments? If yes, then you need to tighten up yourself because there are chances that someone’s just trying to loot you. He/She can be anyone, even a cracker! What to do? Well there are no straight steps, but you can follow some of the security tips while doing online payments.

No one’s secure, don’t forget that crackers are developing new ways to crack the security daily and there’s hardly we can do to protect ourselves without having proper knowledge.

Let’s not get too much indulged in this subject, rather we should move on to the tips while doing online payments. So without wasting more time, here are the tips:


5. Look for Signs

This is the first and the foremost thing you can do. Look for signs of security. Don’t consider the signatures of unknown programs, look for the signatures from big companies.

This will help you a lot in protecting yourself from online scams and other things where your money can be stolen.


4. Trust Daddies Only

Yes, always trust sites which have some reputation. For example, if you want to buy PS 3 console, go for sites like LetsBuy, Flipkart, eBay where you have the option to pay cash-on-delivery.

Even if the COD option isn’t available on big sites, you can always pay from the credit card or debit card because there’s a trust in your mind that these sites won’t steal money.


3. Research Well

If you are getting extremely low price of a good on certain site just don’t be greedy. First step which you should do in that case is do researching. Let’s say if you are getting product “X” for the price of 15$ while the market price is 150$.

In such case, you must check the site which is offering this product at such a low price, then do some research on it using Google, or any other search engine. Read reviews about that site. Don’t purchase that product until and unless you are 100% confident that the site isn’t a scam.


2. Don’t Get Phished

Phishing has become so easy to learn that even a primary school kid can make a phishing website and get all sort of data from you. Search Google for protecting yourself from being phished as protection from phishing itself is a very large topic.

You should also install Alexa toolbar which can give you an idea about the popularity of a website.


1. Where To Report

A lot of people don’t really know where to report particular crimes. If you are getting phished, then you can report the site to Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG).

You can search Google for more reporting centers for various crimes. This will not help only you, but will help others too – perhaps save them.