Top 5 Smartphone Apps To Help You Play A Better Golf Game

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

Smartphone Apps to Help You Play a Better Golf Game

Heading to Myrtle Beach for golf this year? Don’t forget your phone while you’re hitting the links! There’s little need to invest in expensive golf technology if you own a smartphone. That’s because it’s possible to make your Myrtle Beach golf games better than ever with a little help from one of these popular golf apps:


1. Golflink Game Tracker and GPS

A pocket-sized version of the popular golf website Golflink, the Golflink iPhone app lets you find your favorite golf course from a database of over 21,000. Record your rounds and track your game, keep score for up to four players, and calculate yardage for shots while you’re on the course.

Tracking and improving your game has never been easier. You can even post your scores on Facebook and Twitter straight from your phone! 


2. Golfshot

Available for iPhone and Android, Golfshot is easy to use and includes information on over 37,000 courses, unbeatable stats tracking, and zoomable overhead views to help you make an informed club choice.

It gives the ability to email your golf scores to friends, thanks to its email capabilities.


3. AirVue Golf

This unique app provides overhead views of the hole, yet allows you to easily make the switch to view the entire length of a hole based on your current location. AirVue Golf’s distance and measurement tools are really easy to use.

Touted as an all-in-one golf solution, this golf app offers all the information you need in one quick glance.


4. Smart Golf Scorecard

Smart Golf Scorecard offers a clean, straightforward way to store your golf scores on your Windows smartphone or Windows Mobile / Pocket PC device without getting confused by technology.

The simple interface is uncomplicated and is easy to use, meaning you won’t have to waste time trying to navigate the app during your game. Scorecard users can now log in using their Facebook accounts.


5. Everyday Golf Coach

Having Everyday Golf Coach installed on your iPhone is like having a golf instructor with you at every hole. A much more affordable option than a private coach, the Everyday Golf Coach is a collection of 32 golf lessons presented by a PGA professional.

The easy-to-use menu gives you the opportunity to access videos at any point during your game, and the Swing-Analyzer even allows you to upload a video of your swing and compare it to the pros.

Home to over one hundred beautiful courses, it’s all-too-easy to understand the appeal of Myrtle Beach golf. These greens were designed by some of the world’s most famous golf architects, including Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Greg Norman.

Play a few rounds in this little piece of paradise, and be sure to help improve your Myrtle Beach golf games with a smartphone app during your upcoming vacation—it’s easier than ever!

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