Top 5 Highest Cable Car Rides in the World

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 13th, 2019

Highest Cable Car Rides in the World

Ah, the trusty cable car. We’ve all seen them, and, most probably, we’ve all been on one. They can be found anywhere, everywhere and serving many different purposes. You may have encountered one at a ski resort whilst scaling a snowy mountain for example, or, for the less adventurous amongstus, as a shortcut to the penguin enclosure at the zoo.

However, I’m sure a question has been niggling away at you since you began reading this blog, and no, it’s not ‘how can I build a cable car from my house to the nearest penguin enclosure…’

Instead, the question at the tip of your tongue should be ‘what are the highest cable car rides in the world’ of course! No? Oh well, here’s the answer any way! And before you ask, the zoo with a cable car is Drayton Manor Park…


5. Grindalwald-Mannlichen Cableway, Switzerland

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We begin our search in the Swiss Alps and with the Grindelwald-Mannlichen Cableway. Cutting through the Jungfrau and Eiger mountains before terminating at 2, 230 meters above sea-level, it offers majestic views of the mountain tops above and the deep valleys below.

If that is not enough to make you feel a bit queasy, never fear! It’s only the tip of the iceberg if you pardon my geographical pun there.

Height at Terminus: 2, 230 m

Fear-o-meter: 3/10


4. Merida Cable Car, Venezuela

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For the next trip on this whistle-stop tour, we head to Venezuela in South America. Here we find the Merida Cable Car which rises to a healthy 3, 125 meters before terminating at the peak of Pico Espejo, one of the tallest mountains on the continent.

The ride takes over an hour and has four different stop off points along the way so be prepared to stick around for the long haul!

Height at Terminus: 3, 125 m

Fear-o-meter: 5/10


 3. Klein Matterhorn Cable Car, Switzerland

Klien Matterhorn

We return to Switzerland for the third-highest on our run-down. The Klein Matterhorn cable car soars to an astonishing 3, 820 meters above sea level, making it the highest in the Swiss Alps.

Taking in spectacular views of the surrounding Zermatt and Cervinia ski areas as well as the Theodul glacier, this cable car offers arguably the best views out of the top 5. That is if you can bear to look down of course.

Height at Terminus: 3, 820 m

Fear-o-meter: 7/10


 2. Telepherique de I’Aiguille du Midi, France.

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At number 2 we find the Telepherique de I’Aiguille du Midi situated in the French Alps. Taking a mere 20 minutes to climb the 3, 842 meters to the summit, it has become a favorite for thrill-seekers the world over, holding the record for Europe’s highest vertical ascent cable car.

Just as steep as the ascent however is the cost, with prices to ride the car currently costing a whopping 41 Euros a pop. It’s going to take a wallet as big as the mountain to enjoy this more than once!world’s highest vertical ascent cab

Height at Terminus: 3, 842 m

Fear-o-meter: 9/10


 1.  Gulmarg Gondola, India.

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Phew, we finally reach the top of this mountain of a blog. Drum roll, please! At number one we find the Gulmarg Gondola found, quite predictably, in the Himalayas of Northern India. The car ascends directly vertical to the peak of Mount Apharwat, sitting at a staggering 3, 980 meters above sea level.

Although taking over an hour to travel from top to bottom, the result when reaching the top is worth it. The peak looks out upon K2, the second highest mountain in the world after Everest, now you just have to get back down!

Height at Terminus: 3, 980 m

Fear-o-meter: 10/10