Top 5 Free Sports Apps For Your IPhone

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

Free Sports Apps For Your iPhone

Sports apps for the iPhone come in many varieties for those who want to take part in a sportsbook bet, from those that keep you updated with the latest sporting news and stats, to those that let you watch your favorite live sports on the go. Many great apps are free, but there are some that require a subscription for additional features. Here are some of the best free sports apps for your iPhone out there:


1. Yahoo! Sportacular – Free

Yahoo Sportacular

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This app keeps you notified with the latest scores and news about your favorite teams and players. What’s great about it, apart from allowing you to customize alerts, is that it can bring you to push notifications for specific events, such as scoring plays for example.

Yahoo! Sportacular comes with extensive coverage for NBA, NFL, NBA, MLS, NASCAR, and MLB.


2. ScoreMobile – Free


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Coming with a huge selection of sports you can follow, ScoreMobile enables you to track your favorite teams and learn the latest scores, news, and stats. Live score updates through push notifications are also supported.

Covers a huge selection of sports apps, from soccer to cycling. ScoreMobile has been recently redesigned, and now it looks better than ever.


3. SportsTap – Free

Sports Tap

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A powerful sports stats app, SportsTap provides exhaustive statistics before and after games, including game projections, player stats, team stats, and team comparison statistics.

Some notable features include LocalTap, which displays local sports games, and basic game alerts. This app is primarily for those interested in stats – if you want personalized game alerts, you’ll want to use more specialized apps, like Yahoo! Spectacular.


4. ESPN ScoreCenter – Free

Sports Centre

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A complete sports news and scores tracker, ScoreCenter from ESPN comes with a myTeams homepage, which lets you choose your favorite sports and teams to keep up with all they’re doing.

Notable features include top sports stories of the day, support for many sports, push notifications whenever your favorite teams play a game, and sports videos. All in all, this is a powerful app ideal if you want to follow multiple sports and teams at the same time.


5. WatchESPN – Free

Watch ESPN

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This app lets you watch on the go ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPNU directly on your iPhone. The app is put together well, and the live-streaming works smoothly – WatchESPN is fairly well optimized and it won’t eat all your resources.

The only bad thing about this app is that at the moment it works only with a few cable services.

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