Top 5 Facebook Games of 2012

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Top 5 Facebook Games of 2012

The mission of the social network giant is to help people stay connected every day. With more than 845 million active users, Facebook has definitely lived up to their mission and is considered the most powerful social media platform of today.

Besides staying connected, the users are given numerous options like sharing links, photos, status updates and videos. In fact, 250 million photos are posted daily on Facebook with an average of 20 minutes spent per visit. Moreover, Facebook in partnership with various browser-based game companies launched a pool of different games and continuously develops new ones.

The games featured on Facebook are a big hit on users. According to Facebook platform manager Gareth Davis, as of December 2011 over 200 million Facebook users played games.


Below are the top 5 Facebook games of 2012:


1. CityVille


CityVille is all about building the perfect city and was released on December 2010. CityVille allows players to arrest criminals, build famous landmarks, construct buildings, collect rents and open franchises in their city or neighbor’s city. Moreover, players can socialize by asking help on the construction process and visiting neighbor cities. CityVille has 44,700,000 monthly active users.


2. Zynga Poker

zynga poker

Zynga Poker is the first social game Zynga developed and was launched on July 2007. The game landed on the number two spot due to its 35,300,000 monthly active users. The online poker game gives players options such as: join friends for a game, join tournament play, meet new people across the world, play on any table or play on VIP tables. In addition, players can socialize by chatting, completing challenges and sending gifts.


3. Hidden Chronicles

hidden chronicles

Hidden Chronicles has 29,300,000 monthly active users. The start of the mystery begins when a player receives a mysterious invitation letter to visit the Ramsey manor sent by Uncle Geoffrey. However, upon arriving the players will find out that Uncle Geoffrey has passed away. His death was a mystery and the players have to solve it by unlocking scenes and finding hidden objects. Players can also design the manor, place different buildings and sculptures and hide or send gifts to neighbors.


4. FarmVille


FarmVille is the number one Facebook game from August 2009 to December 2010. However, it still remains as one of the top games with 28,200,000 monthly active users. FarmVille allows players to plant, harvest and sell crops. They can also buy animals, milk cows and collect eggs. In March 2011, players were given the option to create second farm, English Countryside style.


5. CastleVille


CastleVille is one of the newest games on Facebook. Since its launch, it garnered 26,700,000 monthly active users. The game which is set in the medieval world, allows players to build mini-empires, create armor, craft art, trade and defend the kingdom.


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