Top 5 DJ-ing Apps For Your Mobile Device

POSTED BY Felicia Baratz-Savage, UPDATED ON March 15th, 2023
DJ-ing Apps for Your Mobile Device

Smartphones and iPads have turned the world of the DJ upside down. You no longer need to have an arsenal of records or CDs on file. Now you can organize thousands of songs into playlists without the need to fiddle with any physical copies. If you don’t have a smartphone, get one and optimize it to help as you DJ. It’s like a party in the palm of your hand. Having your favorite mix on your handheld device of choice is the first step, but next, you’ll need a way for it to be heard. Multipurpose speakers work with your mobile device and are lightweight so you can pick them up and go easily. They’re also great for use at home hooked up to a stereo or the TV with your Xbox or PlayStation. With a setup like this, you can DJ no matter where you are. Not many things are as exciting as an impromptu DJ battle among friends. Let’s take a look at the top 5 DJ-ing apps for your mobile device. Another way to maximize your phone’s capabilities as a DJ tool is with the right apps. Apps provide a few more tools for your gigs, allowing you to further customize your playlists as you go. If you are looking for the right apps, consider one or more of the following:


5. Djay

Considered by many to be the top Apple app for DJs, Djay seamlessly pulls your playlists into the system, works them for you, and also allows you a live performance option. Record your mixes as you perform rather than relying totally on pre-recorded lists.

Integrate the app with AirPlay to incorporate wireless speakers if you want. Scratches, pitch blends, and BPM analysis are all available with Djay.


4. iDJ

iDJ is available for the iPhone or iPad, you can create mixtapes from your iTunes playlists. Seamlessly synchronize your playlists to flow from one song to another without missing any beats, so you can keep the party going while moving through your inventory.

The app holds an unlimited number of songs and accepts AAC, MP3, or WAV formats.


3. Remix DJ

Remix DJ allows iPhone users to plug their devices right into their mixers and access a wealth of vocal samples for their tracks. All of the samples are royalty-free, so you can use them all without worry.


4. Cross DJ Pro – Mix your music

Imagine having more than 50,000 DJ mixes in the palm of your hand. That’s exactly what you get with the Cross DJ Pro for Android. Each of the tracks on the free app is categorized by genre and mood, so you can simply grab the theme that fits your event and let the music fly.

In addition, you can create your own playlists with the “Add to Favorites” option.


1. DJ Studio 3

DJ Studio 3 lets you scratch and loops your songs however you see fit. Customize your performances with real disc physics, background loading options, and MP3 and WAV real-time pitch shifts.

The app allows has an instant song loading time, so there is no delay as you work the crowd and keep the dance floor moving. Controls are smooth and responsive and most actions can be performed with just a few flicks of the finger.

Each of these apps offers something slightly different from the next. Experiment to determine which app works best for you. Take the time to find one that is a good fit and keep the party going at your next gig.

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