Top 5 Best Car Art Designs Ever

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON June 28th, 2022

Best Car Art Designs Ever

Car art is something that many people know little about. There are whole shows dedicated to showing off the best of the best. People work all year to create a concept that is both interesting and innovative, bringing it to life on their vehicle and allowing people to come and appreciate it for the masterpiece it is. If you have missed the local car art show and are in the mood for some beautifully painted vehicles, you are in luck. People take pictures and post them online all the time. Here are five great examples of the creativity and care that goes into these cars.


Psychedelic Surfer Dude

Psychedelic Surfer Dude

We love psychedelic artwork, the brighter the better. This one has a distinctly retro feel, but there is also something very modern in the design.

While the colors might be what you would expect in the 70s, the imagery itself is a little more polished in a style more commonly found in urban art today. This particular car is a 1963 Porche 356B, which was painted by the talented Robynn Sanders.


Polka Dotted Cruiser

Best Car Art Design

You don’t often see PT Cruisers being painted. There wasn’t a whole lot done here, and instead, they just added some color to the simple black. They made polka dots in this case, putting them on the side of the car in a random pattern.

There is little information available about the car itself, which was photographed in a parking lot. But it is rather cute.


Peep Car

Best Car Art Design

A personal favorite, this one took a lot of work, materials, and creativity. Instead of painting the car, they took a large number of those marshmallow peeps and put them all together in a pattern that shows brightly colored fish.

The amount of detail here is really astonishing, especially given the medium chosen. It doesn’t say who made it, but it was an entry in this year’s Art Car Parade in Houston, Texas.


Loretta Lynn

Best car Art Design

American legend Loretta Lynn is just as popular today as she ever was. Singer, songwriter, author, and philanthropist, her simple roots are explored in this tribute to her.

“Coal Miner’s Daughter” is painted on either side of her likeness, the title of her autobiography and the film made based on it. It is also her background, as her father was indeed a coal miner in Kentucky.


Shattered Vanity

Best Car Art Design

Nicole Strine won a prize in the Houston Art Car Parade every year from 2007 to 2010. This car shows you why. The simple concept uses bits of reflective material on a 1997 Honda Accord to make it look as if the paint has been shattered.



This fascinating art type has many followers, and each is working with a massive object to create something no one else has. You can see that many styles factor into the art shows, and you can find something for anyone there.

Did you like our list of the best car art designs ever? What are some of your favorite examples of art cars? Show us in the comments section below!

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