Top 4 Of The Craziest Laws Worldwide

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 8th, 2023
Top 4 of the Craziest Laws Worldwide

If this weekend you had big plans for taking a violin, putting it in a paper bag, and carrying it down the street in the middle of Salt Lake City, Utah, you would be committing a crime. Yes – a crime. But don’t laugh: this is a real phenomenon. Although most of us are used to the idea of laws making sense and keeping the police on our side, it’s easy to forget that local governments don’t always let an idea like common sense determine their actions. There are plenty of craziest laws worldwide that will have you wondering about the sanity of those who would put them in effect. Let’s take a look at the top 4 of the craziest laws worldwide:


4. Mexico: Bicycling Properly Means both Feet on the Peddles

Although it’s difficult to imagine how this crazy law could ever possibly be enforced, it’s true that in some areas of Mexico, it is illegal to ride a bicycle without both feet firmly on the peddles.

Sure, this craziest law is in place to ensure safety and control for those who are doing the peddling, but is this really a law that people don’t break all the time?


3. Thailand: Don’t Drive to the Beach Without a Shirt!

The beach is a natural destination for the shirtless: there’s plenty of sunlight, warm weather, and water for swimming. It doesn’t make very much sense that in Thailand, you’ll get arrested for driving to the beach without a shirt. In fact, it doesn’t make very much sense that it’s against the law to drive without a shirt period, especially in a warm climate like Thailand’s.

Considering it’s also illegal to go outside your home without underwear, it’s safe to say that Thailand is fairly strict when it comes to its clothing policies.


2. London, England: Stay Healthy in Parliament, Please

We’re all familiar with how rowdy it can get when the mud-slinging is in full effect in Parliament. However, generally, we trust that no one in Parliament wishes death upon each other. In fact, this must be the case because there is a law that says it is illegal to die in Parliament.

Suffice it to say, there are a lot of people who have died worldwide who did not have a lot of control over when they met their Maker.


1. Danville, Pennsylvania: Predicting the Future?

We all know that it’s important that firefighters have quick and reliable access to highly-pressured water supply in order to douse expanding flames. And it’s important that when a firefighter looks for a local hydrant that it be functioning properly. But in Danville, Pennsylvania, it is required by law that fire hydrants be checked an hour before all fires.

This all sounds well and good, of course, unless you consider the fact that if people could predict when fires would occur, there wouldn’t be any need for fire hydrants in the first place.

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