Top 3 Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips And Tricks Revealed

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 23rd, 2023
Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips and Tricks Revealed

Do you know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is an amazing feature-packed super smartphone in your hand? If you haven’t taken the time to explore the wonderful features of this smartphone, our article should help you to begin to appreciate, love, and cherish this handy tool more. It will help you to discover many Samsung Galaxy S4 tips and tricks which will improvise your user experience. That little piece in your hand is a super-quality technological chunk but all these superb qualities make no meaning except when you are able to make use of them. Here are 3 cool Galaxy S4 tricks that will ensure that all the features of this beauty are properly harnessed and utilized:


1. Samsung Galaxy S4 Helps You to Interrelate With Your Phone via Your Eyeballs

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone has “stay enabled”. This feature allows the phone to automatically dim the screen when the user is not looking at it. It as well allows the user to scroll up and down the pages on the web by simply slanting his head. Also turning away your face from the screen will stop any video that is playing.

To be able to make use of this astonishing feature, just drag down the notifications bar and hit the Quick Settings symbol on the top right side of the screen. This particular Samsung Galaxy S4 trick can also be accessed through Settings > My Device > Smart Screen.


2. It is a Multi-Window Enabled Smartphone That Allows You to do Multiple Tasks

This Samsung Galaxy S4 trick is made popular by the Galaxy Note range. It allows users to run two applications at the same time with each one of them occupying a different position on the screen. With this feature, the user can watch videos and surf the net concurrently or write an email as well as have a look at his Facebook page at the same time.

To activate the multi-window feature, simply hold down the ‘Back’ button and the menu will show up on the left side of the screen. Expand the menu to choose the application you want to use, and there you have it! You also have the option of minimizing or maximizing the space occupied by any of the apps by pulling the window border.


3. It Also Has a Feature That Allows You to Take a Photograph or Record Video With Your Voice

Here’s another quite amazing Samsung Galaxy S4 tip. The trendiest and hottest of features these days is to be able to use your voice to make things happen. With Samsung Galaxy S4, you can take a photograph and record a video just by speaking to it (you must first enable this feature to be able to use it).

The feature is the microphone icon at the peak of the camera settings panel. To take a snapshot simply say “cheese” and say “record video”, if you want to capture video images.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has many other excellent features, we just compiled 3 of the best Samsung Galaxy S4 tips and tricks to give you an idea of marvelous things you could do with this brilliant gadget. If you haven’t got one, try and get one today and see for yourself that with Samsung Galaxy S4 you have a whole bunch of cool features in your hand.

Title Image Source: Flickr/Karlis Dambrans


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