Top 3 Mobile Apps Showdown Contenders for 2014

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

mobile apps showdown contenders for 2014

For the fifth season, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) presents the Mobile Apps Showdown, the contest that showcases the hottest, newest apps on the market. Not only is this live event the most entertaining part of the show, but it’s also a great way to learn about the latest apps for productivity, imaging, entertainment, communications, and lifestyle. Judged by a panel of experts and an online audience, contestants will be evaluated in a first-round with 10 finalists picked to present an app demonstration at the show’s live event. After the product demos, audience members vote to crown the winner of the Mobile Apps Showdown. While the list of finalists is pretty solid, there are a few that stand out and can be considered the real mobile apps showdown contenders for 2014. Here’s why we’re rooting for them and why you should too:




Password Box

Password Box app



An innovative, free password manager, Password Box allows users to safely log in to their favorite websites and apps without having to type in passwords. Stay updated on the status of your credit card and bank accounts and other sensitive personal data in your digital wallet. This app also enables you to designate a trustee over your digital accounts should you be unable to manage them on your own.

Overall, Password Box is an awesome tool for keeping all those passwords and important information together.


TiVo App for iOS

TiVo app for iOS

While cable companies packages now come with the same offerings as TiVo, the TiVo App for iOS provides users with an advanced, second-screen companion tool that allows you to browse and find content, stream live and recorded shows, and download programming for viewing on the go. The app can double as a TiVo remote, enabling you to manage your saved recordings and browse the channel guide, and get extras like information on actors, themed movie and TV show collections, and the latest television programming.

What’s more, the app features its personalized dashboard “What to Watch Now” that integrates recommendations and personal preferences to give users the content they want to watch. With the TiVo App, your mobile gadget is transformed into a remote, dashboard, search tool, and screen no matter where you are.



CrowdFlik app

The CrowdFlik app revolutionizes how we capture and share a mobile video. Free and simple to use, this app synchronizes the video you film from your smartphone to the app, which then allows you to create, edit, and share your films.

Content on the CrowdFlik app is organized based on the event, date and time, and location, and users can easily craft a variety of different customized Fliks of any length to view, save, and share. CrowdFlik also allows users to post their videos to blogs and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.




Is there any other mobile app that you consider to be a strong contender for Mobile Apps Showdown 2014? Share with us a few names in the comments section below!

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