Top 10 Travel Apps For IPhone To Install Before Going On A Holiday

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 6th, 2023
top travel apps for iPhone

Phones are not only used for texting or talking today. They are serving more than that. With the introduction of Android and smartphones, the world of the phone has totally revolutionized. iPhone has its own application store that allows you to download various kinds of applications. Some of them are free, whereas some have a price tag attached. The iTunes app store is always updated and has something for everyone. Even if you are planning a holiday and going out of town or out of the country for a trip, you can download these top 10 travel apps for iPhone to make your trip even more exciting and trouble-free:


10. Pano

Your phone is now your camera. These days, travelers hardly take those heavy digital cameras with them as the iPhone with its great camera can click beautiful pictures. And now with this application, you can click even better pictures.

The app is perfect for creating collages and for taking panoramic shots!


9. The Flight Tracker

This iOS app helps you save a lot of time when traveling. Start receiving all the flight details on your phone. Great, isn’t it?


8. Room

It is not always easy to remember your room number or the entrance code. Use this application to save all the information and see it whenever you need it.


7. Skype

Everyone knows Skype. The software is available for free on your iPhone. Download the application and stay connected with your loved ones even when you are on the go. A must-have on your iPhone!


6. Packing (+TO DO!)

This application is your partner that helps you pack before you embark on the expedition. The application allows travelers to prepare a packing checklist. It is very difficult to remember all the things that you need to take on the trip.

You can make a list here and select the stuff you’ve packed. This will also help you not forget anything and return back with all your stuff. You can do the same when unpacking or returning back, to make sure you don’t forget anything in the hotel room.



Eating is a must when you are traveling, but how do you locate a good restaurant? You don’t need to ask people or look here and there.

Simply, have this application on your iPhone and allow it to guide you. Also known as “the visual guide to good food”, it will help you find the restaurant that offers what you want to eat.


4. XE Currency Converter

Almost everyone’s personal favorite, this one greatly helps. When traveling in a foreign country, it is very difficult to handle the currency. Due to the difference in currency’s value, it becomes taxing for travelers to convert their currency into local currency. It also allows international payments.

This simple application can do it all for free. It is always updated with around 180 currencies. How can you not have this one?


3. CARROT Weather: Alerts & Radar

Another great free app on the iPhone that helps you greatly when you are on a tour update is the weather application.

This will give you all the weather updates. Consult the application before stepping out, because you never know when it might shower. It will keep you updated about weather predictions and temperatures.


2. Cultures Calendar

This application worth hundreds of dollars is actually free to download. As the name suggests, this application helps you know about the holidays in the country you are in.

If you are in a foreign land, and not sure what people are celebrating there, you are missing a lot of holiday-exclusive events, food festivals, discount offers, and other festivities.


1. HearPlanet

This is a must-have application for every traveler. It costs only $5.99 to have. The application tells you about all the great attractions around you.

If you are in an alien city and don’t know what places to visit, this will serve as your local guide. It will play loud all the Wikipedia descriptions and help you decide where to go.

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