10 Best Photography Apps For IPhone

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 17th, 2023
10 Best Photography Apps For iPhone

The camera of an iPhone has always been one of its strongest features. The camera offered in the latest iPhone 4S represents a quantum leap in mobile camera technology. Witnessing images taken from an iPhone 4S can easily make you realize the sheer quality the latest mobile cams offer. Here’s a list of the top 10 photography apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that can help you utilize the camera of your iDevice much more efficiently:


10. Halftone


Injects a bit of excitement into your boring snaps by turning them into comic book panels. Open a photo, set the text, paper, and picture effects, and add all the KABLAMs and POWs you want. Share it online or in print.


9. PhotoGram


Left that birthday card too late again? Just drop four photos into the theme of your choice (with hundreds available to purchase), add a message, and send it via email or social network. If only you could send it back in time.


8. Photo Stats

Photo Stats

This cute app crunches all your iPhone-snapping data and turns it into infographics. From plotting your locations on a map to displaying your most creative times of the day. Photo Stats serves up your personal photo profile.


7. Lego Photo

Lego Photo

Yes, it’s a massive gimmick. No, it doesn’t always produce brilliant results. But if seeing your pics rendered In LEGO doesn’t make you grin a bit, then there’s something wrong with your inner child. Time for the naughty stool.


6. Quickshot with Dropbox

 Quickshot with Dropbox

A simple but ingenious app that not only lets you edit on the go but also uploads your snaps to Dropbox with a minimum of hassle. Multiple images will automatically queue, and uploads continue in the background.


5. iMotionHD


Adds stop-motion and time-lapse functionality to your video camera’s arsenal. Capture passing clouds or budding blooms in time-lapse mode, or create your own animated masterpiece using stop-motion.


4. Photo Caddy

Photo Caddy

Like having a photography tutor in your pocket, and less bulky to boot, this app will guide you through a whole host of shooting situations, offering professional advice to ensure the best results before you squeeze that shutter.


3. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express

A few quick adjustments can save even the most mediocre of snapshots. This heavily trimmed version of Photoshop will give your photos that extra ‘wow’ factor. Ideal for use with Adobe’s free 2GB of online storage.


2. Pano

Pano iphone app

Driving fast, blowing stuff up, and taking panoramas are activities best left to the pros. But has that ever stopped us from trying? No fancy sweep panoramas here, but Pano stitches your snaps together with Impressive results.


1. Silent Film Director

Silent Film Director

Now your iPhone’s video gels the nostalgia-tinted treatment; so you can transform that dull footage from Gran’s birthday into a hilarious 1920s slapstick reel, complete with sped-up footage and ragtime theme tune.


Honorable Mentions

What are the best photography apps for iPhone in your opinion? Share with us in the comments!

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