Top 10 Online Gaming Sites

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 24th, 2023
Top 10 Online Gaming Sites

It’s a slow day at work, your brain is fried, and you just need a break. For a lot of people, that means taking time to play free online games. Unfortunately, bosses tend not to approve online gaming on company time, so you have to be careful what you play. Even worse, there are many free game sites that will try to install malware on your work computer if you visit them, or clutter your desktop with popups for stuff you’d rather not have your co-workers see. Here are the top 10 online gaming sites where you can find good quick games that won’t upset your boss if you get caught:


1. MiniClip

Somewhat cluttered site design, but with hundreds and thousands of games to choose from, you won’t be spoiled for choice.



One of the most popular Flash gaming sites, with many unusual games you won’t find anywhere else. Offers a membership function so you can record your gaming achievements.



A clean, bare-bones site, but there’s nothing simple about the variety of games available here. Offers member login through Facebook, if your work system doesn’t block Facebook.



A wealth of intriguing games that will leave you wondering which one to try first — an all too common problem on Flash games sites.



The site name is all too accurate. Be careful you don’t get hooked, or the chances of your boss catching you will be a lot higher!


6. Kizi

Kizi is a fun site with amazing games. You’ll be spoilt for choice if you go on this game site. You can even collect coins for more games you play, allowing rewards to be claimed!



A casual game site run by gaming behemoth Electronic Arts. Choose carefully, since some of the games are too complicated for a quick work break, but there are still a lot of classic solitaire and arcade games to try out.



You could say that you’d go ape over the games here, but hopefully, you have too much pride to do that. So just pick a game here and monkey around for a while.



A solid variety of games for every taste. It offers a huge variety of slots and fruit machine games, more than you’ll find at other sites.



It says “work safe” right there in the title, how much more assurance do you need? Games are identified by pictures rather than names, which can be slightly annoying if you’re looking for something specific, but if you’re just browsing there’s plenty to look for.

If you can’t find the game you want on these sites, it probably doesn’t exist. And a browse through these sites will be guaranteed to turn up at least a few games that grab and hold your attention. Go search, play free online games, and have fun!


  1. Dante Slemmer says:

    Wonderful list, my son is always asking me to find for him more and more online gaming sites.

  2. Brian Johnson @ Bioshock Infinite Songbird says:

    Thanks for sharing Heather. Yeah, i’ll make sure my boss is not in the office every time i’m visiting Addicting Games. :D Anyway, for other flash-based games, you actually can play it on Facebook as it has great collection of flash games.

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