Top 10 Most Common Uses For Cloud Computing

POSTED BY Felicia Baratz-Savage, UPDATED ON August 11th, 2022

Top 10 Most Common Uses For Cloud Computing

Popular things are the things that get used the most. This holds true for many things, and lately, it’s very applicable to cloud computing. With continued advancements in the cloud and its connections to many online companies, what a non-IT person and an IT professional can use it for is nothing short of amazing. Cloud computing technology is having a breakout year. Over the past 12 months, it has clawed its way from obscurity to flagship service.



Apple’s iCloud comes standard on the iPhone, and being an iPhone user myself, there are certainly some features that make the cloud noteworthy:

1. If you own a smartphone, a computer, or a tablet, the one really exceptional feature of the cloud is that whatever you download or are working on from home or in the office, you can sync all your devices to carry the same information. It’s called Dropbox, and everyone who has it loves it. That way, if your iPhone dies, whip out your iPad or Macbook and keep going on that logistics report that you were trying to email your team from your iPhone. How cool is that? Plus, as time goes on, solutions are becoming more and more secure.



2. Another popular use for the cloud is backup. Indeed, since that is essentially what the cloud was invented and designed to do, it’s not unbelievable to accept that everyone from your boss to your child’s babysitter is backing up their pictures, projects, and data files to the cloud.

3. Google and Google+ account top the charts in uses for the cloud as well. Sending and receiving basic emails and even engaging in the Hangout feature in Google+ account for what many think is the largest portion of cloud resources.

4. For many companies, Google Docs is also a hot program for business professionals to develop, share and collaborate on what they are working on. Files are stored in the cloud until they need to be pulled out of the virtual air for use. It doesn’t have to stay on their devices taking up space. Moreover, many users can collaborate on a single document. 

5. is similar to Google Docs and is also popular with business people. Personally, I use it to store my catalog of podcasts for download, but it can be used as a virtual drive for anything.

6. Cloud computing adds new dimensions to app building, for techy geeks that have too much time on their hands and not enough money for what they do. Zoho Creator is the name of the “game” and the game is collaborating with designers and developers to make quality apps that keep up with hardware innovations in the mobile industry.

7. Github and a few other IT programs have found their way into the mainstream. Regular people are learning to use it to write code to build online websites and make money.

8. VMWare is another software and hardware platform that is very popular with cloud users. It enables Java code writers to write and store code much easier than before.

9. Node.js is another fast-growing popularly used programming language for cloud computing, simply because of its connections to Java and Javascript writers.

10. Finally, Google Music is the last but not least used of the cloud apps. I can mostly vouch for the service, though I’m sure it’s collecting information about my personal tastes with every track I play. Nevertheless, it allows users to peruse their entire music collections with a simple log-in, and so far, it’s still free.

There are several more uses for cloud computing that didn’t make the top 10 lists but came pretty close. I’m sure whatever they are, the users are loudly vocalizing their dissatisfaction right about now. 



As for the rest of these, where they fall in the list is pretty dead-on, and their popularity is verified by their extensive use.

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