Top 10 Free Samsung Mobile Applications

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 6th, 2023
Top 10 Free Samsung Mobile Applications

Rated one of the top smartphones, Samsung boasts some great features and applications. The Samsung app store offers free and paid applications thanks to the tremendous pace of mobile app development. Be sure to check out our top ten best free Samsung mobile applications.


1. Kint Messenger 2.0

Kint Messenger is the perfect app for anyone looking to chat on Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, Aim, and a host of other instant messenger applications.


2. LED Flashlight

Without this popular mobile application, users can only rely on the brightness of their screen to navigate in the dark. Anyone who has used a mobile screen as a flashlight knows not to expect much from it. The LED flashlight mobile app makes it easy to find your keys, purse, or anything after the sun goes down.

The latest updated version allows users to turn the light on automatically at start-up or set it to turn on after pressing an extra button.


3. Talking Elly Elephant

Although we mostly use mobile devices to text, make phone calls, and even surf the web, there is still plenty of room for some fun and entertainment.

Rated among the best mobile applications in entertainment, Talking Elly Elephant repeats everything you say in a funny voice. Talk into the application and hear everything you say in the entertaining voice of Elly The Elephant.


4. Opera Mini

Even on a slow internet network, Opera Mini is the fastest and most efficient browser designed especially to enhance your browser experience.

Before downloading a page, Opera’s servers compress data up to 90%, helping you browse the web on your mobile phone better and faster than ever before.


5. Viki

Do you ever wish that you had an assistant to send messages, make calls, and set alarms on your mobile phone? Give Viki a try, the mobile application assistant that does everything for you.


6. Yala

Do you love Arabic beats? Yala is a mobile application for you! Yala is the best application that allows you to download and enjoy unlimited Arabic music, complete with 75,000 audio and video tracks.


7. SkyView – Explore the Universe

Want to discover Orion’s belt, the international space station, or other interesting objects? Just swipe the screen of your mobile device in any direction to move the universe around you.

SkyView is a great educational application that updates all locations in real-time, boasting unique features including satellites, 3D graphics, interesting facts, stars, constellations, and more.


8. Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk allows users to send and receive messages with photos internationally, on either a one-on-one or group basis. More than 40 million people approve of Kakao Talk around the world, making it the best-rated mobile messaging application.

Fantastic features include unlimited global talk time, unlimited global chat, and instant sending of videos, text, and pictures. Easy to use, Kakao Talk requires no registration.


9. Photo Fun

Photo Fun helps users add fun elements to new or existing images. Choose from a collection of hats, glasses, and other fun things to add to any image.


10. Fish Mania

The best-rated arcade game for Samsung mobile phones operating on bada, Fish Mania allows players to eat small fish as each one grows more significant. The goal is to eat enough fish to dominate the world.

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