Top 10 Free and Fun Things to do Online

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON June 14th, 2021

Free and Fun Things to do Online

It is human nature to feel bored and tired of the same old routine day after day. Luckily the Internet has become the world’s number one boredom killer. There are literally millions of activities ranging from semi-pointless websites to attention-grabbing games and even wacky chats. So if you are sitting there bored, consider some of these great fun and free things to do online that are guaranteed to relieve your boredom.


Social Media Games

There are hundreds of games on platforms like Facebook and MySpace that will quickly suck you in. You can own a farm, frontier, or build a city. The millions of quests and constant collecting is enough to cure your boredom!


Chat Anonymously

Most chats are anonymous because of the handles, but what if you were tossed into a room with a stranger and forced to talk? The entertaining conversations you can have on sites like Omegle will cure your boredom quickly.


Start a Blog

Everyone has something that they want to share with the world and blogging is just the way to do it. Start a blog on anything from a favorite hobby to your everyday life. Just updating it will relieve your boredom for a little bit.


Watch YouTube

There are millions of videos on YouTube. You can watch old cartoons, music videos, and even funny personal videos of people just being silly. Just start a random search and you will find yourself lost in the virtual video world.


Reconnect with Old Friends

Remember that old friend from the first grade you always wondered what happened to? Spend some time searching Google, Facebook, and Twitter to reconnect with those friends you lost touch with.


Google Earth/Maps

Google has some of the best satellite photos available. Just spend a few minutes searching for various landmarks, local hot spots, and other areas all over the world. You’ll be amazed at what you can find on Google Earth.


Play Online Computer Games

These games are different from social media games. These games are similar to video games and have plots and multi-player interactions. Your boredom can be cured by shooting games like AssaultCube or building games like Roblox.


Forum Posting

Forums are available on a wide number of subjects and topics. Start frequenting a favorite forum and post your opinions or spread your knowledge. It is very easy to get caught up in the millions of existing posts and interactions on forums that are very active.


Read Random Confessions

There are multiple websites where people can randomly go and confess their deepest, darkest secrets. As these sites are updated instantly you will be amazed at what people confess online.



Surveys and tests are the ultimate boredom killer. You can find out what cartoon character you are, what your TRUE name is, and other things you have always wanted to know. There are millions of surveys and tests to take which is enough to kill the boredom.

Next time you are facing boredom turn to the Internet where you will be able to squish that feeling instantly with the millions of available activities that are created with the sole purpose of killing boredom.