Top 10 Cool Upcoming Gadgets in 2013

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Cool Upcoming Gadgets in 2013

Since we all saw that it won’t be the end of the world in 2012, it should be a good moment to sit down, relax and start thinking about which gadgets to buy for the next year to come. When you look at the current market situation there is one thing everybody will agree, there are 100s of gadgets coming on the market each and every month. It looks like the designers were busy this year and that’s why it wouldn’t have to be a big problem to choose at least one cool gadget in 2013.

This is why we decided to make a small list of the cutest, niftiest and coolest gadgets for 2013. So, here are the top 10 cool upcoming gadgets in 2013 that you should definitely check out:


1. Memoring


Have you heard about this one? We bet not, at least not yet. This is basically a USB stick in the shape of the ring. You can wear it on your hand wherever you go and this is a great way to have that little piece of memory storage right where you need it it-In your hand.

Memoring comes in 5 colors and it is a perfect gift for your girlfriend (if she is a geek).


2. iOS Video Glasses

iOS Video Glasses

Ladies and gentlemen, now something completely different. How about a 72-inch widescreen monitor mounted directly on your head? What, you think it’s not possible?

It is, all you need is your iPhone 4S or let’s say iPad and iOS Video Glasses and you’re set to go. You will experience a theater screen-like and all this from the comfort of your home. It comes in one color (white) and it’s not that cheap (around $200).


3. Boombox Metal Wristwatch

Boombox Metal Wristwatch

OK, number three here. If you think the first two choices are great taking a look at this one.  Boombox Metal Wristwatch will make a perfect gift for the incoming holidays.

If you were young during the 80’s this is something you will adore, a Boombox right on your hand, showing time. How cool is that?


4. Boombox Ghetto Blaster Cover

Boombox Ghetto Blaster Cover

Now that you have your wristwatch in an 80’s style, it is time to personalize your iPhone 5 as well. How about a matching Boombox Ghetto Blaster Cover for your iPhone? And it is not that expensive at all, it can be yours for around $18 + shipping costs.

What are you waiting for; don’t you want to be cool?


5. Cool Leaf Touchscreen

Cool Leaf Touchscreen

Enough of retro style gadgets, let’s take a look at the most stylish keyboard out there. The name is Cool Leaf Touchscreen and it is cool, indeed. If you adore taping instead of typing this should be your choice for 2013.

The keyboard experience will never be the same again. Remember, if you’re a gamer this is not a good product for you. If you’re not using your keyboard too often but you like to look cool this is a must buy.


6. Joystick-it


The previous gadget is not intended for gamers but this one is ONLY for gamers. If you’re a proud owner of iPad and you enjoy the gaming experience it offers, Joystick-it is the best gadget you can think of!

This cute and nifty set (containing two small joysticks) is going to bring the gaming experience to the next level, and what a level this is. It is easy to use, and it can be used for thousands of games.


7. Composite Case by Urban Gear

Composite Case by Urban Gear

We can’t continue this list without mentioning at least one protective case for iPhone 5. One of the best protective cases for the iPhone 5 got to be Composite Case by Urban Gear. If you’re an adventurer if you’re not sitting in the office from 9-6 if you like to have your iPhone 5 with you no matter where you go this is the case to have.

Your iPhone 5 will be protected to the max. The armor protects the entire body and screen. All the buttons and ports are easily accessible and you also get a cleaning kit for your screen.  The case could be yours for around $35 which is really not that much.



LIFX gadget

And now something more down to earth but equally amazing as the previous gadgets.  How would you like to have a light bulb (yes, light bulb) that you could be controlled with your iPhone? And that’s not all, this light bulb can change the colors of the light and you can even sync music on your iPhone with your light bulb.

Like this, you can match the colors with your mood. The name of this bulb is – LIFX. This was a great success on the Kickstarter and the inventor got over 1 Million dollars of orders. It is time to order your bulb.


9. Santa Hat Dust Plug

Santa Hat Dust Plug

Seeing all these fancy gadgets we are wondering how many of these will actually end up in your home. Gadget number 9 is a gadget for gadget … hmmm, well, We don’t know how exactly to call it. Anyway, the official name is Santa Hat Dust Plug and it could be a perfect fit for all of you living in the cold areas on our planet.

This little piece of acrylic looks like a Santa Hat and it is a plug that fits in standard 3.5mm output.  So, basically you’re protecting your Smartphone from freezing. Besides this, it looks so cute that you can bet everyone will ask you what that little red hat is doing on your phone. For around $15 you will get yourself a lot of attention.


10. Glow in The Dark B-Ball

Glow in The Dark B-Ball

And now something completely different. You may say, hey, this is not a gadget, but we saved this one for the end because if you went through the entire article, you deserve to see this basketball. And yes, this is a gadget, because you will definitely drag some attention on yourself with this one.

The name is Glow in The Dark B-Ball which is completely understandable name because this is a ball that glows in the dark. If you like basketball but your street does not have night light this is a must-have ball. You can play all night long.


Which one do you prefer from this list? Do you have some other favorites? Please share your thoughts.