Top 10 Buggy Toys From 2012

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 27th, 2019

Top 10 Buggy Toys

Insects can inspire both fear and awe, and there are many among us who are fascinated by the creatures. Insects can be used as a teaching tool and as a goofy prank, and there’s something here for everyone on our list of top 10 buggy toys from 2012:


1. Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly gardens are fascinating and educational, perfect for the curious kid. You will be able to watch the butterfly caterpillars grow, spin their chrysalis, and emerge as beautiful butterflies to admire for a few weeks before setting them free.

This gift comes with a gift certificate for the proper materials, so you can complete this project at the proper time of year.


2. Bug Jars

Bug Jars

Bug jars can simply be made of anything, but this one comes with a magnifying glass top, allowing your kid to really study their latest catch in a safe environment.

This is an inexpensive, small toy perfect for a stocking stuffer that will provide hours of fun.


3. Bug Lamp

Bug Lamp

This is a very cool visual toy that takes bug catching to the next level. When you put the bug in this lamp, it projects the shadow of the bug on the walls, where you can watch it move around on the walls and up close.

The live bug lamp is a safe place to explore bugs up close.


4. Metal Beetle Models

Metal Beetle Models

This Japanese model toy is perfect for those tinker-types who are always taking things apart and putting them back together again.

This small metal Beetle model has movable parts and is a fun project to put together.


5. Hexbugs


Hexbugs have been named the coolest toy of the year. These small, robotic bugs react to their environment. They move when they hear loud noises, some can flip over, and others battle each other – it’s like having your own bug pet.

A wide range of styles and prices makes this toy a hot item this holiday season.


6. Bug-A-Salt


Bug-A-Salt is a bug gun for the big boys. This isn’t a toy, which makes it great for that over-grown child in your life. Using ordinary table salt, this gun makes getting rid of flies and other nuisance bugs a fun game rather than a chore.

It leaves no mess and is a safe, chemical free way to kill bugs, and has become an incredibly hot item. Although it should only be used by adults, the Bug-A-Salt can provide entertainment for the whole family.


7. Remote Controlled Tarantula

Remote Controlled Tarantula

This very realistic looking tarantula has individual leg movement, making it a creepy, crawly toy sure to scare and delight, and ideal for pranksters.

With light up eyes and a spider-egg remote, this toy will definitely bring hours of fun.


8. iPhone Controlled Cockroach

iPhone Controlled Cockroach

Everyone’s got an iPhone or an iPad now, and it’s crossing over to using it in all applications, including non-digital entertainment. This little robotic cockroach is controlled by a clever app that lets you move this bug around with a USB powered battery and an infrared receiver, making it both clever and fun.

Apps on the screen can get old, so give them something fresh for their Apple device!


9. Phone Controlled Beetle

Phone Controlled Beetle

Just like the cockroach above, this product is controlled with a phone. However, this one is a bit more universal, as it can be used with an iPhone or an Android phone.

If that bug-loving person already has a smart phone or an iPad, this could be a perfect little gift for even more fun with their mobile devices.


10. Remote Control Dragonfly

Remote Control Dragonfly

This is an extremely cool radio-controlled toy that can fly in tight spaces, indoors and out, and in any direction imaginable, from dive-bombing to soaring high.

With two levels (beginner or advanced) and status lights, this high-tech dragonfly is perfect for everyone on your list.