Top 10 Books That Every Parent Should Read

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 23rd, 2023
Books that Every Parent Should Read

Parenting is not an easy task, especially if we take into consideration the growing complexities of society. And there are no rewards for guessing who can be your best guide on this particular aspect. It is definitely the book with its insights into the various problems that you might face and the most scientific ways to deal with them. If you are ready to enrich your mind and equip yourself with the most logical way of dealing with various problems, then here are the top 10 books that every parent should read:


10. The Well-Trained Mind

The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Bauer is a comprehensive guide on how to train and prepare your children at home before going to school so that they can adjust themselves to the scientific learning environment easily and thrive well.


9. The Heart of Anger

Lou Priolo has discussed in the Heart of Anger: Practical Help for Prevention and Cure of Anger in Children the ways of dealing with various problems that invite our children to get angry and mess up the whole environment. The writer has discussed a number of ways to control such unwanted events that could be helpful for both the children and the parents.


8. The Space Between

The Space Between by Dr. Walt Mueller focuses on the transformations that are noticeable in children when they attain adolescence.

It also provides a comprehensive guide for dealing with the problems to the best of your abilities and establishing an understanding relationship between a child and parents.


7. Age of Opportunity

Paul David Tripp in his book Age of Opportunity has mainly focused on training the child from the initial stage and letting him know and get used to his responsibilities from the very beginning so that you do not have to deal with the common problems of adolescence.


6. Protecting the Gift

Protecting the Gift: Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe is written by Gavin de Becker and it mainly discusses how to help your child become more confident and handle situations courageously without any fear.

The book is especially useful for parents who have children suffering from any type of phobia.


5. Shepherding a Child’s Heart

Tedd Tripp has shared with the readers how to train your children from the very beginning tenderly rather than imposing it on them all of a sudden. It also talks about the best ways to talk with teenagers and deal with them. The book is a gem for parents who have teenagers in the house to control.


4. Romancing the Child’s Heart

Monte Swan has discussed a very important issue about parenting in this book i.e. along with training our kids it is also important to develop a great and loving relationship with them which is going to help them in evolving as better individuals in the long run. Love after all is the main binding factor between parents and kids.


3. Parenting Today’s Adolescents

In this book, Denis and Barbara Rainey have talked about the most common problems that you are going to face when your children approach their teenage. It talks about in detail how to handle such young kids without affecting the great bonding between you and your children.


2. Parenting with Love and Logic

Authors Foster Cline and Jim Fay provide a comprehensive guide for parents to nurture a future-ready child who has the enthusiasm and confidence to handle the problems that are going to come his or her way.


1. Dr. Riley’s Box of Tricks

Douglas A. Riley’s Box of Tricks: 80 Uncommon Solutions for Everyday Parenting Problems, has equipped the readers with the most unconventional ways of dealing with various regular problems that parents have to deal with, which have failed the old time-tested methodologies. These methods are really funny and along with dealing with regular problems, they will also add humor to your life.

These are the ten best parenting books that will aid you in becoming successful in your aim of making your child self-confident, disciplined, and responsible.

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